Friday, October 17, 2014

The Judge movie review

Coincidentally, there is a local movie that also shows drama in the courtroom. There was a time that courtroom drama was a trending genre in American movies especially when it is adapted from a known author who specializes in this particular theme.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.
What I like about the story is not that it shows drama in the court of law also in family. The character of Robert Downey, Jr. has issues with his immediate family specifically with his father, a local judge in his hometown. When his mother died, Downey’s character traveled home to pay his respects to his mother.

But the tension between him and the father were put to test when the judge was charged of homicide. The son who is a practicing lawyer known for winning cases of accused clients ends up being the lawyer of his dad.

There are character developments that can entertain as well as touch your heart. You may still see Tony Stark in the cocky defense attorney in Downey’s character but that is his trademark and it is relevant to the story. But it is good that he is doing other roles besides Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.

There are also some comical moments despite the seriousness in the story. But it is also heartwarming and the how the movie ended was just right for me. The Judge also stars Robert Duvall and Billy Bob Thorton. The Judge is released and distributed by Warner Bros.

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