Friday, October 24, 2014

Presscon Coverage: Beauty In A Bottle

Skylight Films and Quantum Films in collaboration with Star Cinema brings you something to tickle your funny bones with this new comedy, Beauty In A Bottle. The movie cast includes for the first time Angelica Panganiban, Assunta de Rossi  and Angeline Quinto. 

The movie consists of three separate stories of the main characters played by the ladies I mentioned earlier about their insecurities. Angelica plays a former child star struggling in her career image because of her weight problem. Assunta plays a PR manager who is threatened to be replaced by a younger executive. Angeline plays a consumer of a beauty product overcome her physical insecurities.

The cast also includes Carmi Martin, Tom Rodriguez, Ellen Adarna, Nanette Inventor, Ricci Chan, Empress as herself and more. Assunta was not the first choice for the role. Ruffa Gutierrez was offered the role but because of her ongoing reality show, she cannot commit.

What I like about the movie that it brought Nanette Inventor, Ricci Chan and Carmi Martin who are veteran comedians. Carmi Martin is famous for her gag shows. Ricci Chan is known for his brand of comedy in stage and the screen, Nanette Inventor is known for her stand up comic impersonations.

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