Saturday, April 30, 2011


Three years ago, the  movie Iron Man had a revelation in the last scene after the credits when Nick Fury,played by Samuel L. Jackson, asked Tony Stark, brilliantly played by Robert Downey,Jr., about the Avengers Initiative. Thus made Iron Man 2 the anticipated movie last year. Not only it showed more of Nick Fury's involvement, Natasha Romanova made her first movie appearance. Most of comic fans knew her as Black Widow. Then, another revelation in a scene after the credits that gave away the idea what's the next movie. The words of Agent Coulson of SHIELD was iconic and few second appearance of the Mjolnir made comic fans screaming after finding out that Thor is going to be the next movie.

After the success of Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1 and 2, I am not raising my hopes up yet when I saw the posters and trailer of the Thor movie and Thor wasn't my favorite character in the Marvel Universe. I watched Thor on its first day of screening in a 3D cinema. The movie was just as detailed in the comics but skipped the part where Thor became mortal named Donald Blake without having knowledge of his godhood. What impressed me is I never taught director Kenneth Branagh can pull it off well. I never imagine him directing a superhero flick since he is more into Shakespeare and the classics like what he did in Frankenstein. 

Chris Hemsworth also did very much well as Thor. I first saw him as George Kirk in Star Trek(2009). In Thor,he buffed up to fill the role of the god of thunder. Truly, Chris Hemsworth was born for the title role of Thor. As every comic fan knows,Thor, Iron Man, Hulk will be back in the Avengers movie scheduled next year after the movie, Captain America: The First Avenger which is scheduled this year. The special  effects were mighty good that it really visualize Thor's power of thunder as it should be. Thor is currently showing in cinemas,3D or 2D. Watch out for the last scene after the end credits.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Water For Elephants

Water For Elephants is adapted from the book by Sarah Gruen. Set in the Great Depression era, Jacob, a penniless and recently-orphaned veterinary student, parlays his expertise with animals into a job at the second-rate traveling circus. Starring Robert Pattinson as Jacob, Reese Witherspoon as Marlena, the circus star and Christoph Waltz as August the ringmaster.
Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon

Review: Since this is a book adaptation, I will review the movie in a perspective of a movie patron. Robert Pattinson showed potential in acting other characters besides his current ongoing role in Twilight though it's still hard to imagine him aside from his trademark role. What I am concerned about is the fans of Pattinson especially Team Edward may expect much from the movie for the wrong reasons and still associate the character Jacob from Edward Cullen. You can see a different Reese Witherspoon here, not the Elle Woods we are familiar with. She is not hard to look like a girl living in the 1930's because there is a quality about Reese she can represent that period of time. But Christoph Waltz is the one actor I really love to hate just like in Inglorious Basterds. Waltz really outdone himself.
Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon

Water For Elephants opens May 4 in theaters in Metro Manila, Cebu and Pampanga from 20th Century Fox be distributed by Warner Bros.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Robert Pattinson in Water For Elephants
Robert Pattinson continues to charm in a moving portrayal opposite Academy Award® winner Reese Witherspoon in “Water For Elephants” based on the bestselling book of the same title by Sara Gruen.
“Water For Elephants” is an original and compelling story that takes the audience back in time to 1931, when the circus offered a welcome escape from the rigors of daily life and economic hardship. Robert Pattinson plays Jacob, a talented student, heading for a career as a vet. His world changes dramatically when he discovers that his parents have died in an accident. Destitute, he has to abandon his studies and look for work. He boards a train out of town and only later does he realize that he has joined a circus train.
“Someone sent me the book, and I immediately connected to it,” remembers Pattinson.  He would later agree to portray Jacob Jankowski, who after a personal tragedy, wanders without destination before hopping aboard a random train, which turns out to be the home of The Benzini Bros. Circus.  That fateful train ride ultimately takes Jacob to Marlena (Witherspoon), the star attraction of the circus that led to a romance and destiny that neither could have imagined.
Unlike Marlena, Jacob had a protected life with loving parents. But on the brink of graduating from Cornell University’s veterinary school, Jacob’s world is shattered when he learns of his parents’ deaths in an automobile accident.  Broken emotionally and financially, Jacob is forced to leave Cornell.   He takes to the road, without direction.  Impulsively, he boards a passing train that houses The Benzini Bros Circus. 
With no other prospects, Jacob joins the troupe.  At first, the once-sheltered young man is lost and even fearful for his life, among the chaos, color and danger that surround him.  Jacob begins his tenure at the Benzini Bros. Circus on the bottom rung of the ladder, even lower than the roustabouts who handle the daily manual labor. When August (Christoph Waltz), the ringmaster and circus master learns of Jacob’s veterinary studies, he promotes him to tending to the medical needs of the animals.  That, in turn, brings Jacob ever closer to Marlena, the show’s star performer.  His attraction to Marlena is immediate and electric.  “Jacob notices Marlena’s beauty and charisma right away,” Pattinson says.  “He also notes her strong bond with the animals she works with during her performances; that’s another thing they share.”
An already professed fan of the book, Pattinson became even more intrigued about a movie adaptation when he read the script.  “Somehow, it seemed like Francis and Richard had added even more to the story,” says the actor.  (Director) Francis Lawrence was convinced that Pattinson was right for the role after he discussed the project with him for several hours.  “I thought Robert was Jacob Jankowski,” says the filmmaker. “It was difficult to find a young man of age 23 or 24 who didn’t seem too young for the part. Rob was already a man.  He is thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic, strong, and confident.”
Pattinson’s quick grasp of the character was impressive. “Jacob is mysterious and quiet; he’s an observer,” says the actor.  “He’s always watching people and he has an intuitive relationship with animals, and a deep understanding of human nature.”
All of Jacob’s traits and abilities come to the fore as he becomes increasingly close to Marlena.  At first, she wants little to do with the newcomer, but when he comes to the aid of Marlena’s beloved and suffering horse, they share a moment of intimacy and tenderness that neither can shake.  But there’s a powerful presence – almost a force – standing between them: August, who his employees call, with a mixture of fear and respect.  August runs the circus at times like a tyrant, and at others like a caring patriarch.  Similarly, his love and kindness toward Marlena can morph – in a flash – to abuse, anger and unfathomable darkness.  When Jacob witnesses August’s dark side, he does everything in his power to once and for all free Marlena from his tyranny.
Pattinson is best known for his portrayal of the vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” saga.  He gained industry notice at 19 years of age when he joined the Harry Potter franchise in Mike Newell’s “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” playing Cedric Diggory. He also starred opposite Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and Emilie De Ravin in the drama, “Remember Me.” Upcoming is “Bel Ami,” a film based on the novel of the same name written by Guy de Maupassant, in which Pattinson plays a young journalist in Paris who betters himself through his connections to he city’s most glamorous and influential women, played by Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci. 
“Water For Elephants” opens May 4 in Metro Manila, Cebu and Pampanga theaters from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Taj in a scene from "Water For Elephants"
Academy Award® winner Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson bring to life an epic tale of forbidden love in a magical bygone era filled with adventure, wonder and great danger in the Francis Lawrence helmed “Water For Elephants” based from the bestselling book of the same title by Sara Gruen.
The movie takes us back in time when a veterinary student from the wrong side of the tracks, Jacob (Pattinson), meets and falls in love with Marlena (Witherspoon), a star performer in a circus. They discover beauty amidst the world of the Big Top, and come together through their compassion for a special elephant.  Against all odds – including the wrath of Marlena’s charismatic but dangerous husband August (Christoph Waltz) – Jacob saves Marlena from an unhappy life and they find lifelong love.
            Reese in the following q&a enthuses on filming “Water For Elephants” and how she trained for the circus scenes.
Q:         Can you describe Marlena’s journey?
A:         “It is wonderful. I feel so lucky that I got the part. It is a really great experience playing a woman who has such an interesting journey throughout the movie, going from a violent relationship and ultimately finding some redemption and hope in her life. Also I have to say  and I know this may sound superficial, but just the glamour of it all is amazing, the costumes and sets. I love going to movies and seeing people in beautiful costumes on beautiful sets and visually this film is stunning.”
Q:         What kind of woman is Marlena?
A:         “She’s a really interesting girl. Marlena was abandoned as a child and found her way through which was obviously heading toward the Depression. Marlena has a survivor’s instincts. She has pulled herself up by her bootstraps and figures out what she is going to do. She works very, very hard to become the star attraction in the circus. “
Q:         How much training did you do with the elephants and Tai in particular?
A:         “I trained for three months with her. I would go twice a week  down to the ranch where she lives with six other elephants  and I just practiced. I fell down a lot and I fell off.  I would be hanging on the side of her and if you get nervous it gets even harder. But she has amazing dexterity, she can pick up something the size of a pencil or a human being. She knows how much pressure to put on you.  She could pick me up with her mouth when I first met her. It is incredible.  She could crush you, she could crush your hip with her mouth but she manages to just grab you tightly enough so that  you don’t fall;  it is the weirdest sensation.”

Q:         How challenging was the work you did with the horses?
A:         “That was harder than the elephant training. I had ridden horses before, I grew up riding horses, but I hadn’t ridden for a long time. In this movie I had to ride bareback and there was a lot of stunt work that was really complicated.”
Q:         Can you discuss your relationship with August, your character’s husband?
A:         “You have to talk to Cristoph about what he thinks are the origins of his darkness. We’ve purposely left it up to the audience to determine what his problems are, but yes he is very dark. He is very abusive to the animals and to Marlena, as well as to the circus roustabouts.
Q:         Had you read the book ‘Water For Elephants’ by Sara Gruen?
A:         “I had not read the book until they offered me the movie. It was one those books I had bought and it was sitting there in my library among a stack of books. I thought ‘I’m going to read that someday’ and hadn’t.  I read it and found it to be a beautiful love story. Sara Gruen the author did such extensive research. It was really extraordinary.  I am sure that when she came on the set, it must have been such an amazing experience for her taking in all these things she had imagined in her book manifested in real life.”
Q:         How timely is the film dealing with the Great Depression in America as well as circus life?
A:         “It is definitely very timely dealing with the Depression. It is also an interesting look at what it was like to be part of an entertainment industry in that time period and how the circus was bringing people a little bit of joy or happiness  or hope, or just escapism into people’s lives. Nowadays, we can definitely relate to that. Audiences will find it interesting to see how many people in this movie are out of work, can’t eat or just want to have a moment of happiness.”    
            “Water For Elephants” opens May 4 in theaters in Metro Manila, Cebu and Pampanga from 20th Century Fox be distributed by Warner Bros.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Colin Farell
Disney and DreamWorks have just released the first-look images from they're upcoming thriller “Fright Night” starring Colin Farrell (“Alexander”)  and Anton Yelchin (“Star Trek,” “Terminator Salvation”).

            A revamp of the 1985 comedy-horror classic, “Fright Night” is directed by Craig Gillespie (“Lars and the Real Girl”) and also stars Toni Collette (“The Sixth Sense”).

            In the film, senior Charlie Brewster (Yelchin) finally has it all—he’s running with the popular crowd and dating the hottest girl in high school. In fact, he’s so cool he’s even dissing his best friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). But trouble arrives when an intriguing stranger Jerry (Farrell) moves in next door. He seems like a great guy at first, but there’s something not quite right—and everyone, including Charlie’s mom (Collette), doesn’t notice. After witnessing some very unusual activity, Charlie comes to an unmistakable conclusion: Jerry is a vampire preying on his neighborhood. Unable to convince anyone that he’s telling the truth, Charlie has to find a way to get rid of the monster himself.

            “Fright Night is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


BURBANK, CA, April 10, 2011 – Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures announced today that Michael Shannon will star in the role of General Zod in director Zack Snyder’s new Superman film, titled “Man of Steel.”
Snyder stated, “Zod is not only one of Superman’s most formidable enemies, but one of the most significant because he has insights into Superman that others don’t.  Michael is a powerful actor who can project both the intelligence and the malice of the character, making him perfect for the role.”
As General Zod, Shannon will go toe-to-toe with Henry Cavill, who plays the new Clark Kent/Superman in the film.  The main cast also includes Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Martha and Jonathan Kent.
Michael Shannon was honored with an Academy Award® nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Sam Mendes’ “Revolutionary Road,” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.  Shannon was most recently seen in the award-winning HBO drama series “Boardwalk Empire,” from executive producer Martin Scorsese.  He will next be seen in Sony Pictures Classics', "Take Shelter," from director/writer Jeff Nichols.
Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder are the producers of the film.  The screenplay is being written by David S. Goyer based on a story by Goyer and Nolan.  Thomas Tull and Lloyd Phillips are serving as executive producers.
            “Man of Steel” will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Rush, Firth, and Bonham-Carter
Rolling Stone Magazine hails it as “a crowning achievement powered by a dream cast,” while Variety calls it “a stirring, handsomely mounted tale of unlikely friendship.” Indeed, “It's a rare combination of crowd-pleaser and triumphant artistry,” attests the Wall Street Journal.
            After worldwide acclaim since its American debut last November, The Weinstein Company's “The King's Speech” will finally make its Philippine run starting on May 11, exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas (Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma).
            The toast of last February's Academy Awards, “The King's Speech” won four major Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director (Tom Hooper), Best Actor (Colin Firth) and Best Original Screenplay (David Seidler), while cast members Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter earned nominations in supporting actor categories.
            Based on the true story of King George VI, “The King's Speech” follows the Royal Monarch's quest to find his voice.  In the film, after the death of his father King George V (Michael Gambon) and the scandalous abdication of Prince Edward VII's (Guy Pearce), Prince Albert (Firth) who has suffered from a debilitating speech impediment all his life, is suddenly crowned King George VI of England.
            With his country on the brink of war and in desperate need of a leader, his wife, Elizabeth (Bonham Carter), the future Queen Mother, arranges for her husband to see an eccentric speech therapist, Lionel Logue (Rush). After a rough start, the two delve into an unorthodox course of treatment and eventually form an unbreakable bond.
            With the support of Logue, his family, his government and Winston Churchill (Timothy Spall), the King will overcome his stammer and deliver a radio-address that inspires his people and unites them in battle.