Friday, September 30, 2011

What's Your Number?

How many lovers should a person have in their lifetime? This is the premise of the story when Ally Darling, played by Anna Faris, reads an article in a magazine that convince her that she reached her limit of having partners a woman can have before she's deemed unmarriageable. Ally embarks on a quest to find  a mate without adding to her number from her previous lovers with the help of her Hottie-next-door neighbor, Colin, played by Chris Evans.

Review: Anna Faris is familiar in comedy roles but this is the first time I saw her in a sexy romantic comedy which is good that she is expanding her horizons besides her usual roles. Chris Evans is also making a name for himself recently after the title role of the superhero, Captain America. Both Anna and Evans had chemistry together with both their comical scenes as well as the romantic moments of the film. The movie is also a good date movie for couples and even among friends. I like the what the poster look like. It's like as if it's a cover of a pocketbook love story.

Magazine articles like Ally read is written by professionals but should not be taken too seriously like Ally did. In case of Ally, relationships always comes and go but it doesn't mean that it was intended. Like Ally, most have failed relationships. But the numbers doesn't determine when but how can you make your current or next relationship work. Ally, or anyone else, should not be dictated by the pressures of our society. We only have ourselves to evaluate our limits regardless of the failed relationships. These matters should not be rushed without thinking. 'What's Your Number' opens October 5 in cinemas and is distributed by 20th Century Fox. So, what's your latest number?

The Change-Up

Two best friends with different lifestyles until their individual lives were inexplicably switched.

Review: Former teen actor Jason Bateman has another starring role along with Ryan Reynolds. It's Bateman's second movie I've seen this month(the first was Horrible Bosses). I first saw Bateman in his younger years in Teen Wolf Too. After a long absence, he made a supporting role in the movie, Hancock. Bateman is not popular but he was ideal for the movie. Ryan Reynold's character is not really far from what I knew him as National Lampoon's Van Wilder which is one of my favorites. I can't have compare this movie with similar theme such as Freaky Friday, and Vice Versa. Despite the similarity, The Change Up is now my favorite among these similar movies. The Change-Up opens in theatres September 28.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friends With Benefits

Plot.: Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) thinks it's easy to add the simple act of sex to their friendship despite what Hollywood romantic comedies would have them believe.

Review: This is the first movie that I saw Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in a starring role. I first saw Timberlake as the voice of Artie in Shrek 3 then as a supporting character in The Guru starring Mike Myers. Timberlake proved here that he could do more in acting than what he is  known for as a member of a boyband. Mila Kunis also proved she could do romantic comedies as well after I last saw Black Swan. Mila and Timberlake had good chemistry in this movie. I look forward to other of their movies in the future which will be sooner since Timberlake will be in upcoming movie, In Time, with Amanda Seyfried. Friends With Benefits is a good date movie that can warm up this stormy week but you can watch with friends,with or without benefits. Friends With Benefits opens in cinemas September 28.

Note:Viewed last September 26 at SM Megamall Cinema 6.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hanna is a young girl trained to be a skilled hunter and assassin by his father outside human civilization. This is another independent film by Focus Entertainment starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett. I last saw Saoirse in another movie, The Lovely Bones. At a young age, she seems to fit herself in movies that has darker stories that is beyond her years. Since then, she prove herself to be a good actress that can be focused on even if there are high-caliber actors like Bana and Blanchett in the movie. Bana and Blanchett has been in movies as title roles but here they are given a step back from that spotlight but performed well as co-major characters. Blanchett was also able to carry out her role that was quite different from her usual roles. She was as tough-as-nails in this movie. Hanna opens September 28 in cinemas exclusively at Glorietta and Greenbelt cinemas.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried in "In Time"
Posing an opportune theme on looking and staying young, the futuristic action thriller “In Time” is set in a not-too-distant future when scientists have created a world where people stop aging at 25. The bad news though is that rather than being immortal everyone is genetically engineered with a body clock that gives them just one more year to live. Unless, that is, they can earn, buy, cheat or steal their way to some extra time.
            “In Time” is a film by Andrew Niccol which stars music artist turned actor Justin Timberlake opposite the multi-faceted actress Amanda Seyfried.  In the movie, Timberlake is Will Salas who is falsely accused of murder.  Will figures out a way with the help of a wealthy hostage Sylvia Weis (Seyfried) to bring down the system where time is money and where only the rich can live forever.  
            “In Time” is written and directed by New Zealand-born Andrew Niccol, whose previous credits include the screenplay and direction for “The Truman Show” and “Gattaca.”  “Gattaca” was ahead of the cinematic curve in its creative use of CGI effects and in envisaging a future world where genetics have become a tool of social engineering. “The Truman Show,” meanwhile, was uncannily prescient about the voyeuristic reality programming that has changed the face of television over the last decade. Not surprisingly then, there’s seemingly a lot more to “In Time” than guns and car chases, even if Niccol insists that the film is first and foremost an action thriller with “a ticking clock in every scene.” “But, yes, it was definitely the theme of immortality, the desire to live forever, that sparked my interest,” the director concedes, adding with a smile that it’s no coincidence that “In Time” was shot in Los Angeles. “Los Angeles is the capital of staying young forever,” he explains.
“At the center of the story,” Niccol adds, “is this idea that in the future everyone is engineered to have a body clock that counts down the time they have left. And this invention is the death of all other inventions. So I think the film does comment a little bit on our seeming desire to stay young forever and what it would mean if we could do that,  but our psychology may not be able to keep up with our biology.”
Amanda Seyfried, who recently starred in “Red Riding Hood” and “Mamma Mia” meanwhile, who clocks in at a spot-on 25 (inside and out), says that “In Time” is a completely original idea. The actress explains, “And such an amazing and intense concept – this thought that we may one day be able to switch off the gene for aging – but Andrew makes it seem entirely plausible and the characters feel completely real. I think there are very few writers who can do that: write a script with this extraordinary premise and create an imagined world that you absolutely believe in.”

Justin Timberlake says it was a similar response to Niccol’s script that made him eager to jump on board. “When I first read the script I just got totally caught up in the characters and the story. Will is basically an anti-hero, an ordinary guy who’s forced to become a hero and take on these incredible challenges, and that aspect of it really appealed to me: I wanted him to come from a real place and be street smart but not to have extraordinary abilities.  The film might be thought-provoking and give you something to talk about after you leave the cinema, but while you are watching it, the movie stays a couple of steps ahead of you the whole time and doesn’t really give you a chance to catch your breath,” Timberlake says.  
“In Time” opens very soon in October from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sexy Comedy “What’s Your Number?” Dares Adults To Spill Out Numbers

Noted for her canny portrayals in comedy films, Anna Faris stars in the risqué romantic comedy “What’s Your Number?” opposite the equally hot Chris Evans.
            Tapping the taboo in adult conversations on the number of sex partners, “What’s Your Number?” initially introduces us to Ally Darling (Faris) on a quest to find a husband.  Ally is a delightfully flawed woman who has just read in a magazine article warning that women who have had relationships with 20 or more men are unlikely to settle down and get married.  In a panic, she realizes that she has reached her limit and instead of looking for a new boyfriend, she decides to revisit her 19 exes hoping to find the ideal one.  Assisting her on this quest is her attractive neighbor Collin (Evans). 
            Commenting on her character’s habit of pleasing her boyfriends by adapting to them in different ways, “I think there’s a social pressure to be in a relationship, to get married and have kids.  In our opening scene, Ally is a vegan because her boyfriend is a vegan and she gets dumped.  Then there’s this wealthy guy and she pretends to be upper class and one of her boyfriends is British so she goes all out on the accent,” says Faris.
           “But I don’t think she’s being insincere, she says ‘here is how I’m going to make it work, I want to be in this relationship.  I’ve done that and I think lots of women have done that,’ reflects Faris on her character.
            Also starring on the film is Faris’ real-life husband Chris Pratt as Disgusting Donald, one of Ally’s exes.  His character triggered Ally’s desire to revisit her past relationships.  When they are reunited, he’s morphed into a total heartthrob. Sadly for Ally though, he is now engaged and not at all interested in her.  “I couldn’t be more proud of my wife.  A lot of actresses have their image to worry about or vanity; but Anna will fall down and have chocolate all over her face and toothpaste all over her mouth.  She’s the hottest clown in the world,” Pratt says.
            Faris brings Ally to life with her impeccable comic timing and authenticity that most women will easily identify with.  But Faris points out that Ally is a more complex heroine, “I’ve always loved the idea of a woman screwing up, not knowing what to do. This totally appealed to me because I keep hearing from my friends and other women that “What’s Your Number?” feels like their story.”
            “While the comedy is entertaining, the movie examines some serious issues on self-appreciation,” says co-scribe Jennifer Crittenden.  “Ally is trying to find the right guy who will also appeal to her family.  But ultimately of course, you have to follow your heart, your gut and be who you are. She needs to make her own choices based on who she is as a person.”
            Anna Faris has already displayed her comic talent in hits from the “Scary Movie” series, “Just Friends” and “House Bunny.”  Other impressive appearances in acclaimed dramas include “Lost in Translation” and “Brokeback Mountain.”
            It’s a date with your current and ex lovers when “What’s Your Number?” opens on October 5 in theaters nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Friday, September 16, 2011


“Glee The 3D Concert Movie” employed unparalleled 3D technology used in “Avatar” to bring the audience right in the middle of a premium 3D experience rooting for their idols from the immensely popular ‘Glee’ television series.

            “Glee The 3D Concert Movie” director Kevin Tancharoen closely collaborated with 3D pioneers and “Avatar” makers James Cameron and Vincent Pace to bring 3D into fruition while filming the concert during their sold out tours.  Taking into consideration the waves of 3D movies that came out after “Avatar,” Tancharoen made sure that the 3D experience will be worth the audience will pay for in watching “Glee The 3D Concert Movie.”  

            Tancharoen, whose roster of clients include Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls further shares in a stream of live chats over the internet how the film is entirely different from his previous works on music videos and films. “This is different from the other works I’ve because this is completely live.  We had to set up all the cameras in various places, and that they all have to be on their mark. So there’s a whole another technical hurdle you had to overcome with that.”

“The 3D aspect lets you feel just how big the show is. Vincent Pace was the guy who created the technology that we used.  There’s a huge truck that him and James Cameron designed and used for Avatar. So it’s like a mother ship of electronics, there were so many monitors in there and a bunch of people doing different 3D convergence monitors.  And so it felt like you were running a space ship and there was a lot to handle,  and that will be the biggest difference since you had to keep all the technical things in mind while making sure the show is moving along and everyone in the right place,” Tancharoen enthuses on filming the movie in 3D.

            Concluding fans’ speculations on what to expect on the film, the director notes that all the spectacle that is Glee is totally tied with the overwhelming support by the fans.  With this, the film is infused with testimonials from fans whose lives had been touched and changed by Glee and its characters.

For two weeks only - “Glee The 3D Concert Movie” opens on September 21 nationwide in 3D digital screens from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Horrible Bosses

Synopsis: Three friends share their frustrations about how horrible their respective bosses over few drinks until they were given no choice but to put an end of their horror in the workplace once and for all.

Review: Horrible Bosses is a movie with an all-star cast. Almost all of the working class individuals have a share of experiences with horrible bosses. I have, my mom has one, and so does my sister. These are the bullies in the workplace. This usually happens for lot of reasons. These types of bosses wants to maintain power and is intimidated about their successful subordinates especially if they don’t share credit due from their hardworking subordinates. This is the reality we face in the real world. Sometimes, it is also a cycle. Socialist educator Paolo Freire mentioned in his book, “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, Freire said that when the oppressors are overpowered by the oppressed, the oppressed have a tendency to be the oppressors themselves. Case for example, the story “Animal Farm”. The humans are the oppressors and they were overthrown by the animals lead by the pigs. Then, the pigs ruled the farm and were more horrible than the human oppressors.
Getting back to Horrible Bosses, the obstacle of the three friends reminds me of an Edgar Allan Poe story, The Cask of Amontillado. Because it requires them to execute their agenda that requires them to be discreet. That is the fun part.

The movie’s humor is dark meaning it is more adult oriented. Jason Bateman returns to acting. Even he shares being the protagonist in the movie unlike his younger years as a teen matinee; he recently starred in another movie, The Change Up, also showing this year. Colin Farrell sacrificed his good looks for this movie. Jennifer Aniston takes a break from her usual romantic comedies. Also sharing the spotlight with Bateman, are Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day with an all-star supporting actors, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx.

Horrible Bosses opens in cinemas September 21 and is distributed by Warner Bros. Philippines.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Chord Overstreet and Dianna Agron
“Glee” successfully tuned in to worldwide acclaim tackling teenage problems via its ensemble of perfectly flawed characters.  Created by Ryan Murphy, “Glee” has struck such a strong chord with young people in particular because it deals in a realistic way with issues facing teenagers that are often ignored, such as outward appearance, sexual orientation and disability, but it does so in an authentic and entertaining way. The cast is diverse, the storylines are strong and the show is infused with humor and wit. Nevertheless, despite its high wattage of uplifting music and dance, most guardians find the show’s depiction of teenage problems inappropriate for the little ones.  Thus, addressing the show’s curbed viewership, “Glee” steps up on stage reaching to broader audience as young as three in “Glee the 3D Concert Movie.” 

            Recently classified for General Patronage GP by the (local) Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, “Glee The 3D Concert Movie” is summed up as “Wholesome concert on people who feel comfortable about themselves with poignant life stories and issues that allow and encourage people to be more tolerant of one another; issues like dwarfism, having asperger’s syndrome, being gay, wearing glasses, being physically disable and the like.  An excellent concert movie that is suitable for children and adults, abled and disabled, straight and gay, big and small.”

            Filmed during the recently concluded stadium-filled tours, Glee fans can expect to be bowled over by the big screen experience.  In character, tapping into the magical quality of the TV series, members of the Glee Club belt out ballads, show tunes and a rocking blend of sensational pop songs, all familiar from the show including covers of numbers that include Paul McCartney’s  ‘Silly Love Songs’ Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ and Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’, which was Glee’s first hit.

            Setting it apart from other 3D concert movies that have been released, director Kevin Tancharoen who has closely collaborated with James Cameron into filming Glee in 3D notes that the at the core of the film’s music and moves are the documentaries of the fans that perfectly tied in with Glee’s endearing resonance with the underdogs.  Ordinarily, many of the GLEE club members would be considered geeky, but the show depicts them as genuine and authentic teens.  What they have in common is charisma, warmth and above all, talent.  

            Exclusively released in 3D digital screens by 20th Century Fox thru Warner Bros, “Glee The 3D Concert  Movie” will open nationwide on September 21 for two weeks only – Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bohol, Cagayan De Oro, Bacolod, GenSan, Tagbilaran, Pampanga, Angeles and Baguio.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Contagion is a suspense-thriller about an outbreak of an unknown virus and takes effect after physical contact. After contact, what manifested as cough followed by fever, seizure and brain hemorrhage lead to death are the symptoms of the mysterious virus. 

Review: Contagion reminds me of the movie, Outbreak. It has the same plot but it also tells the same scenario and expounds more. It gives the viewer an idea what will the people do when this crisis happens. The situation will explore the ethical issues when handling people in this kind of scenario. Will the people think rationally or irrationally? There are times when people are trying to do their part for the right reasons but in the wrong means and ends up contributing more to the problem at hand. Sometimes misinformation causes fear and paranoia which endangers more that the virus. As what it said in its movie poster, “Nothing Spreads Like Fear.”

This is also a timely movie because of the fear of the Bird’s flu outbreak. It also has reference to the past like H1N1, SARS, and the Spanish flu back in 1918.  Steven Soderberg did good directing this movie and it’s an all star cast. The stars in the movie has good caliber even though some have few scenes and there is no lead character. Contagion opens September 9, 2011 in cinemas and was distributed by Warner Bros. Thanks to Warner Bros. Philippines for the advance screening held at SM IMAX Mall of Asia.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Mark Salling in Glee 3D Concert Movie
Mark Salling who stars in the hugely popular TV show “Glee”  along with all the other familiar young faces from the high-energy series performs in “Glee The 3D Concert Movie,” filmed during their recent tour that filled stadiums.
Glee’s depiction of teenage life and relationships with its leads as flawed and mostly underdogs made strong waves across all ages that one doesn’t have to be skinny or perfect to succeed. 
In the following q&a by Ellaine Lipworth, Mark Salling, a classically trained pianist  who also plays the guitar, bass and drums shares about the new film and what makes Glee resonate with audiences of every generation.
Q:         How exciting is it making a movie?
A:         It is very exciting and special; it’s good to see the world and see so many different fans and different cultures and just spread the joy of GLEE.  A lot of people who couldn’t make it to the concerts will be able to see us on the big screen, that’s the main thing, and the movie is in 3D. But we didn’t   really feel like we were doing a movie.”
Q:         How do you   keep going and maintain the energy and momentum?
A:         “You know, you say I’m young and I’ll sleep when I die and keep on trucking. I drink a double dose of vitamin C packets every day and I work out every single day during the show. You keep your body healthy and you keep your mind healthy.”
Q:         What do you think of the way the show has brought classic music to a younger generation that might not know all these wonderful songs and artists you are covering?
A:         “It is great and I think the other side of that is that it also brings new music to older people.”      
Q:         Why do you think GLEE has become so popular?
A:         “It has something for everyone. It is all about embracing what makes each person different and it is about rooting for the underdog and people can relate to that concept.”
Q:         You are a musician, does music still have the same impact for you now? Does it still feel as fresh and as inspiring to you now it is part of your daily life doing GLEE?  
A:         “You know, it really does.  GLEE has actually opened my eyes personally to different horizons of music and dance and writing and acting and  there is  so much for an artist to take in and learn,  so that’s what I’ve been trying to do.” 
Prior to GLEE, Salling has appeared in commercials and in films, including “Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering.” His television credits include “Walker” and “Texas Ranger.”  Salling enjoys playing Frisbee and   golf and has a passion   for ornithology.

“Glee The 3DConcert Movie” opens September 21 in theaters from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.