Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blogcon Exclusive: The Janitor

Movies with social relevance is very rare in the Philippines. The Janitor is not your traditional Pinoy action movie you grew up with. The nineties was the last decade that showed Pinoy action movies in the cinemas. The reason it stopped were because it was expensive and dangerous according to Mike Tuviera, Cinemalaya X's best director for The Janitor.

According to Direk Mike, he is a fan of action movies. He likes Luc Besson, Taken movies, The Professional, the first Die Hard movie and First Blood because these action movies were character based and he made The Janitor a character-based action movie.

The Janitor is a story about an inactive police officer who hunted down the suspects of the bank robbery and murder of the hostages.

It also showed reality but it does not undermine the police because there are always two sides of the same coin. It is universal that there are good cops and bad cops. When Mr. Tuviera was asked by two women police officers who happens to be PDEA agents, he ask them if they were not bothered by the movie. They answered it was fair and liked it.

It is a reality that there are always two sides of the same coin. It is not new that in the police force worldwide that there are always good cop and bad cop. For Dennis Trillo, who played the part of the inactive police officers, did most of the stunts and prepared for the fight scenes. He practiced in a gym with Raymond Bagatsing for the challenging fight scene. It had was well choreographed that most of the gym users stopped training and watched.

The fight scenes uses MMA moves that if they are not careful, they may get hurt. They even practiced without permission of the director that he got mad with concern because of that. That is how Dennis Trillo was dedicated to his role.

After the public run in major Philippine cinemas, the movie will be shown internationally. When the international distributors talked to Mr. Tuviera, they requested the presence of Dennis Trillo and LJ Reyes, who played the husband and wife in the movie. When director Mike ask why they wanted to show the movie. They answered this action movie has heart and the wife has minimal scenes but she provided the soul in the story.

This proves that the women characters in the movie showed strength in their characters and it is very inclusive that women can appreciate the story.

The blogcon was held at Star Cinema office. Director Mike Tuviera, Dennis Trillo and LJ Reyes were present. The Janitor opens in cinemas October 8 released through Star Cinema. For more movie blogcon exclusive, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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