Saturday, October 4, 2014

CinemaWorld In October 2014

Oct 1    Just A Father
Oct 2     A Flat For Three
Oct 3     You'll Be Back (Fri)
Oct 4      Night Bus (Sat)
Oct 5      I Am Dating You Not (Sun)
Oct 6      Annika Bengzton: A Place in the Sun
Oct 7      Annika Bengzton: Lifetime
Oct8       Annika Bengzton: Primetime
Oct 9      Annika Bengzton: Red Wolf
Oct 10    The Uninvited Guest (Fri)
Oct 11     The Hundred Steps (Sat)
Oct 12     Who Killed Bambi? (Sun)
Oct 13      Bowling
Oct 14     Ali Blue Eyes
Oct 15     Executive Protection
Oct 16      Never Again As Before
Oct 17      Wallander: The Container Lorry (Fri)
Oct 18      Small Country (Sat)
Oct 19      Three Days With the Family (Sun)
Oct 20                         Superstar
Oct 21                         Nobody Owns Me
Oct 22                         Irene Huss: The Hidden Watcher
Oct 23                         As It Is In Heaven
Oct24                          Wallander: The Castle Ruins (Fri)
Oct 25                         15 Years + 1 Day (Sat)
Oct 26                         I Want You (Sun)
Oct 27                         Superclasico
Oct 28                         Life Deluxe
Oct29                          El Alamein - The Line of Fire
Oct 30                         Cockpit

Oct 31                         Wallander: The Black King (Fri)

CinemaWorld is available in Metro Manila on Cable Link on channel 301, and on Sky Cable HD on channel 184.

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