Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blogcon Exclusive: The Trial

Star Cinema is starting to do something new in movies. The Trial is the type of movie that needs you to wear your thinking cap. For co-screenwriter Chris Guzman, this movie is a mind play because of the trend of Cinemalaya and most independent movies.
L-R. co-screenwriter Chris Guzman, director Chito Rono and Ms. Jessy Mendiola

Chris adds that they did a consultation with a developmental psychologist and legal experts about the story. There was even a case that a mental deprived individual was accused of rape years ago. The developmental psychologist/consultant was on the set during shooting and coaches Lloydie for the character.

The only part of the cast present was Jessy Mendiola who plays Bessie, teacher of John Lloyd Cruz’s character. She confessed that she was star-struck with her fellow cast like Richard Gomez and Gretchen Barreto and it’s a movie by Chito Rono. Chris shared that you cannot read her emotions. She was poker-faced. For director Chito, “she performs better after every project”.

This is probably the type of movie not only it can entertain but also stimulate your brain. But despite the seriousness of the movie theme, there is still love, acceptance, and forgiveness in the story, says direk Chito.

The movie may also give us understanding about mentally deprived adults. They are still part of society but what is special about them that their emotions are raw and they have no clouded judgments like normal people do.

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