Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones movie review

I didn't need to summarize the story because if you are a fan of this movie series, you probably have an idea. As for me, I am a newbie and this is the first time for me any of the Paranormal Activity movies. The series concept is nothing new for the horror fans.

It was done as if it was made from an amateur footage that was recovered and viewed by another viewer. What made me intrigued from this story is that the culture of the family featured here was Latin American which is somehow similar for Filipinos. Both are former Spanish colonies and both have folk catholicism meaning that both cultures have believe in faith healers, witches, and entities.

These similarities sometimes coincide. Both have superstitious influences before the Spaniards colonized both countries. Even in this modern internet era, old traditions still haunts our folks especially in the provinces. Back to the movie, even though it was simple, it drew the backdraft from the witch coven. Although the coven here looks more European in influence than homegrown.

The special effects(SFX) were also simple but it can be convincing even though there are only few scenes of SFX were presents. Nevetheless, it still shows somehow some continuity in the regular Paranormal Activity. The Marked Ones subtitle made the movie look like an expanded storyline.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones distributed and released by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp.

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