Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#Y Press Conference Coverage

The local movie industry is already making its mark by international standards thanks to Cinemalaya. Audience is beginning to watch quality movies that are not shown in regular screenings. Star Cinema is distributing another Cinemalaya entry to the regular cinemas.

#Y won as the best cast ensemble and it is one of the most talked about independent movies. You may notice that the cast are from different networks. For director Gino Santos, he didn't gather the cast just to have support from their respective networks but because he hired actors for their talents. This shows that they are not just any pretty face or gorgeous bodies.

What this movie targets for its audience is to relate to the characters. Think of it as another generation of Bagets or Brat Pack. So before Christmas day, be sure to watch this quality movie. According to Elmo Magalona, this is one of his most mature performance. His character is described as conflicted. 

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