Friday, September 9, 2011


Contagion is a suspense-thriller about an outbreak of an unknown virus and takes effect after physical contact. After contact, what manifested as cough followed by fever, seizure and brain hemorrhage lead to death are the symptoms of the mysterious virus. 

Review: Contagion reminds me of the movie, Outbreak. It has the same plot but it also tells the same scenario and expounds more. It gives the viewer an idea what will the people do when this crisis happens. The situation will explore the ethical issues when handling people in this kind of scenario. Will the people think rationally or irrationally? There are times when people are trying to do their part for the right reasons but in the wrong means and ends up contributing more to the problem at hand. Sometimes misinformation causes fear and paranoia which endangers more that the virus. As what it said in its movie poster, “Nothing Spreads Like Fear.”

This is also a timely movie because of the fear of the Bird’s flu outbreak. It also has reference to the past like H1N1, SARS, and the Spanish flu back in 1918.  Steven Soderberg did good directing this movie and it’s an all star cast. The stars in the movie has good caliber even though some have few scenes and there is no lead character. Contagion opens September 9, 2011 in cinemas and was distributed by Warner Bros. Thanks to Warner Bros. Philippines for the advance screening held at SM IMAX Mall of Asia.

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