Friday, August 29, 2014

If I Stay movie review

It's already months after Valentine's Day and there's a chick flick that is out of season. The reason why I like to watch this movie because of Chloe Grace Moretz, better known as Hit Girl in Kick Ass movies.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Besides Ms. Moretz, what made me interested was the concept of the afterlife in the story. But this is not the first time movies had this theme. I can recall, Always, the trending Ghost, and my personal favorite; Just Like Heaven.

What I appreciated in this movie was the comedy and the musical score which is also essential in the story. What I like that this movie still appreciate classical and it also compliments rock in general. I never thought a kid would even heard of Iggy Pop.

I like how the story progressed. It's like there are two timelines are happening at the same time. The characters were proven useful except for Chloe's character. She just run around without looking for the solution while the living did their part.

I haven't read the book which it was adapted from but from the way I see it, the target audience enjoyed the movie after hearing their reaction in the last scene. I also heard from another movie critic that someone really cried. I am glad that there are "guinea pigs" or "test subjects" present during the premiere screening.

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