Tuesday, August 12, 2014

CANYONS Movie Review

It's been a while since I saw an erotic thriller like Basic Instinct or Sliver. It is not surprising for a former child star like Lindsay Lohan to star in adult-themed movie since it may still shock you to find the kid from The Parent Trap remake to do some steamy scenes. I hate to break it up to you that she's no longer a child nor a teenager in Freaky Friday. So get use to it.
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For the story, it has all the elements of an erotic thriller: sexual obsession, ambition, deceit, paranoia, mind games and of course, violence. Just like watching an American soap opera without censors. The movie is categorized as noir because of its mature content. Of course the movie is not for everyone since it is R-18.

Overall, I need to watch it again for second thoughts or probably on DVD where I can listen to the director's commentary because I am looking for something. Probably because I am having expectations because Basic Instinct is my favorite erotic thriller.

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