Sunday, August 25, 2013

Metro Manila movie review

Story: A farmer from the Northern highlands came to Manila with his family for a suitable life and how it affect their lives.
Review: When I first saw it, it reminded me of an American action movie, Armored. But it was not a rip off of it. The story revolves around nation's capital and how three people were affected by it. So, the star this movie is not the three main actors but Metro Manila itself. If you are confused, just watch it and you'll understand.
What impresses me is that the director Sean Ellis was able to make this film and it has no foreign influence. It was as if the movie was made with good research. He may have immersed himself in the Metro.
As for the actors, it was good that they casts non-popular actors but known for their talents in the independent movie industry. If they casts famous ones in this movie, the focus of the story may be  diverted.
An average Pinoy movie audience, most of the times, wants to be entertained. Nothing wrong with that but it also affects how the movie production. It is rare that the audience watch a movie that they can engage into. Less Pinoy movie patrons watch movies that make them think about the world we live in. In Metro Manila movie, you can relate to the characters and you will not see Metro Manila the same way again.
The movie was also critically acclaimed in 2013  Sundance Film Festival. Metro Manila opens in Octoberin Philippine cinemas nationwide and is released and distributed by Captive Films. For more quality movie reviews, follow Mark_Templar on Twitter.

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