Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Killing Season movie review

See previous blog post for story . Previously titled, Shrapnel.
Review: Our world is no stranger to wars. Wars leave scars so deep that it won't be healed for generations to come. Killing Season took place after the Bosnian War. What happens when a Bosnian soldier survives after the war and never forgets the enemy soldier who executes him? Payback.
There's a rule in warfare. When you aim a gun, make sure that the person is dead or else he will go after you. Why? Being threatened is worse than being killed. It leaves a trauma. This is what happens to Serbian Emil Kovac who went to U.S. to track down retired soldier Benjamin Ford.
Forget the war movies you already watched. Sometimes, the best battle is one on one. The movie is rated R-16 for a valid reason. The movie is so graphic that it will make your stomach hurl during Ford and Kovac's battle.
Plus, this is the first time two great actors in one production. Robert De Niro and John Travolta. It may not happen again. I never thought Robert De Niro can be this action packed and John Travolta did well speaking Serbian.
You can be assured that the movie is good since you have two award winning actors together. Besides that, the story is gripping and you won't believe how will it turn out. No spoilers here. I recommend this movie to watch this week since there are two family oriented movie sequels will open this week but you are looking for something new and fresh. This movie is intended for those who love action movies.
Killing Season opens August 7 in cinemas and is distributed and released by Captive Cinema. For more movie reviews and updates, follow Mark_Templar on Twitter. Follow the Movie Buff's Reviews using your Google and Twitter accounts.

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