Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ekstra Exclusive

A lot of local TV and movie personalities started as "extras" or bit players. Among them are Angel Locsin, Ai-Ai Delas Alas, and Coco Martin. "It is an eye-opening experience", says Coco Martin. "You will find out what you are getting into if you like this kind of profession or not". In case of Governor Vilma Santos, she didn't start as a bit player. She was already a star. It is also her first independent production. She was never paid for the part but she gained the award as Cinemalaya's best actress in a lead role.
The irony of this Cinemalaya movie entry is that she played the opposite. A bit player trying to succeed in acting business. Cinemalaya movies are independent productions that are mostly done with quality and with themes of social relevance.
Vilma Santos worked with the finest actors the Philippines has to offer in this project and most of them are bit players in main stream movies so she draws their experiences that reflects in her character. The movie reveals the scenes that happens behind the camera and the realities of this status quo in show business.
After Cinemalaya, it will also be shown internationally but we don't need to wait for the international movie patrons tells us how good this movie is, we just simply need to see it. Ekstra opens August 14 in Philippine cinemas.

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