Friday, January 25, 2013

Gangster Squad movie review

Story: Post-World War II Los Angeles is getting another war:  On crime.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Review: My first impression on the movie was it is like a periodical movie following suit after The Untouchables. It is similar because it is on the same period in time and has gangster theme but in another city.

If you are not familiar with the post-war situation in U.S., here's some background.After the war, almost all countries suffered regardless on which side a nation was on. U.S. was not spared. It was also called the Depression era. It was also the time that the gangs took advantage of the situation that the law enforcement cannot handle the mob because they don't want to start a war.

Unlike the Untouchables, the story can also be passed as a drama with style. You can see the humanistic side of this action story. What I didn't realize that this periodical story can also be sexy meaning that the characters are also sensual even with their suits and Thompson sub-machine guns.

It was during this period in history that the law enforcement is trying out new ways to fight crime. It also give birth to the FBI. Josh Brolin is ideal for the role in this movie. He has this authoritative manner. Sean Penn is a great actor. It is not the first time I saw playing the part of an antagonist. Despite some prosthetics, it didn't limit him to act well in this movie.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone added the sexy factor of the story. Didn't realize Gosling can get rough like this. As for Ms. Stone, this movie is quite different from her usual roles. I usually see her in comical roles but is is good she is trying out new roles.

Robert Patrick may got older but he still got some tricks doing action films. The story maybe serious but it still has share of comic in some scenes. Gangster Squad opens in cinemas January 30, 2013. Gangster Squad is distributed by Warner Bros.

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