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                                     Start 2013 with a bang with CinemaWorld

New international channel CinemaWorld brings a refreshing variety of films from all over the world. On its fourth month in the Philippines, CinemaWorld’s upcoming movies will surely be entertaining, gripping and well-picked.

Set-up to attract the Asian market, CinemaWorld offers an alternative to watching Hollywood movies. With a promise of at least 15 new titles a month, audiences will definitely crave for more of CinemaWorld’s diverse selection.

Set in Iceland, this 2012 action-packed movie stars Tiger Award nominee Thor Kristjansson as Stebbi. Set in turbulent times, Stebbi lives in a world where being in the business of drugs is the way to rise in power. He gets caught between two loyalties and his own self-preservation. Catch the premiere of “Black’s Game” on January 6, Sunday, at 9:00 PM.

Aliena wakes up in a river in France with no memory, a bag with two million Euros, and a scar across her chest. She soon discovers that she is being stalked by mysterious men. Realizing that her accent is Danish she decides to go to Denmark and find out who she is. ID:A is a gripping and intense story with a human resonate, set in dark overgrown gardens, dollhouse-like interiors and streets with noir touch. This 2010 Danish action-thriller stars Tuva Novotny, Best Actress nominee of the 2012 Zulu Awards. Watch it first on January 27, Sunday, at 9:00 PM.

This 2011 Iranian film presents unexpected twists. Stars award-winning Iranian actress Leila Hatami (“A Separation” – Best Foreign Film, Academy Awards, 2012) and directed by Alireza Raeisian, acclaimed Iranian Director, “Love At Forty” is about Negar, an outstanding musician, who lives with her daughter and loving husband. The ten-year old daughter is not only lovely but also talented. The only downside seems to be her eyes, which tear as easily as her dad’s. Negar’s husband was a judge, initially. After he met Negar, he started his career in a stock exchange company. The family lives tranquilly and happily. Until one day, Negar's ex-boyfriend returns. See what happens on the premiere of “Love At Forty”, on January 26, Saturday, at 9:00 PM

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Though the film was produced back in 2010, the Finnish thriller will surely offer first-time watchers heart-pumping suspense. Detective Sergeant Timo Harjunpää (Peter Franzen) of the Helsinki Violent Crimes Unit is an honest and conscientious cop, one of the city's very best, who loses his daughter in a tragic circumstance. Despite the support he receives from his colleague, Constable Onerva Nykänen, Harjunpää is unable to recover from his loss. While he looks for a way to assassinate his daughter's killer, he works on various cases involving strange deaths at Helsinki's metro stations, eventually determining them to be serial killings. But while he seems to get closer to the killer, the killer is actually getting closer to him. Catch this movie on January 13, Sunday, at 9:00 PM.

Eight-year-old Reyhaneh’s serial dreams lead to clues of finding her lost teacher.  However, the adults around her do not believe in her dreams, in spite of them occurring frequently. Subsequently, coincidences happen and the hunt for the lost teacher begins. This 2010 Iranian thriller was made by award-winning director Pouran Derakhshandeh, and can be first seen on January 20, Sunday, at 9:00 PM.

                                                                                                                                                                                   The award season is here again! To celebrate this season of cinematic wins, CinemaWorld brings you these award-winners/nominees from around the world.

Don’t miss “Blackthorn”, where academy award-nominee Sam Shepherd stars as the much older version of Butch Cassidy in a scenario where he survived the popular Bolivian standoff. There is also Adir Miller’s and Maya Dagan’s award-winning performances at the Israeli Film Academy for 2010 for “The Matchmaker”, a gripping Drama about a young boy looking for a summer job and finds a very peculiar one as the “matchmaker’s” apprentice. “The Matchmaker” also won the Silver Plaque Award for Best Feature Film at the Chicago International Film Festival.

French Thriller “Tell No One” took home the Best Actor Award and Best Director Award at the 2007 Cesar Awards (French equivalent of the American Academy Awards) for leading French actor Francois Cluzet and actor/director Guillaume Canet.  A mega box-office-hit, “Tell No One” tells the story of Alex (Cluzet), 8 years after his wife was brutally murdered, receives an image via e-mail in, real time, of his wife seemingly alive. Yet another award-winner is German Crime movie “Il Divo”. Multi award-winner Toni Servillo stars as Giulio Andreotti, the most powerful man in Italy who is on the verge of assuming his 7th term as Prime Minister, when the local mafia declares war on him. Servillo won Best Actor in the 2009 David di Donatello Awards (Oscars equivalent in Italy) and 2008 European Film Award for his performance as Giulio Andreotti.  Another one to watch is “Beyond” a multi-award Swedish drama at 2010 Venice Film Festival. One morning just before Christmas, Leena (Noomi Rapace) receives a phone call from a hospital in her childhood hometown telling her that her mother is dying. This news takes her on a journey to face her mother for the first time in her adult life after a dark childhood.

It just keeps on getting better for CinemaWorld for the coming full year.

CinemaWorld is available in Metro Manila on Cable Link, and in Metro Manila on a la carte subscription or the HD Movie Package of SkyCable.

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