Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Dictator

Story: The fictional Republic Of Wadiya ruled by the Admiral General Aladeen with an iron fist. From the same person who brought you the mockumentaries Borat and Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen.
Courtesy of UIP.

Review: Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his style of comedy called mockumentaries. His previous work was Bruno and Borat, of which he was really popular for. In "The Dictator", Cohen plays Aladeen, the dictator who wants to make sure that democracy will come to his country he loves to oppressed.

Cohen's adult humor is nothing new but the focus of his humor is innovative. Since he written and directed this movie, it just shows that he could has background in stand-up comic act. Also, his Jewish features proved to be an advantage.

Back to his humor, it only has a specific audience. His humor is not for the younger viewers. It also may be offensive to some. Cohen already had some controversies and criticism and some were considered racist.

Wadiya is a fictional South African country was created to avoid those controversies. If it was real country, Wadiya will be surely be a subject of mockery and people will talk about it. Cohen also add some slapstick to make it more interesting. 

Aladeen surely adds the character impressions of Cohen on his list just like he recently to promote the film. Be sure to prepare to get stomach ache laughing throughout the film. The Dictator is now showing in cinemas and is released and distributed by Solar Entertainment Corp.

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