Monday, July 30, 2012

The Healing is R-18 in Ayala Cinemas

Star Studio and Governor Vilma Santos in her 50th year in show business  brings you this year's horror-suspense movie, The Healing. The Healing was given two ratings. R-13 and R-18 in Ayala Cinemas and other selected cinemas.
Block screening at Trinoma

Governor Vi handpicked a talented ensemble forming the cast of The Healing including Kim Chiu, Pokwang, Janice De Belen, Alan Paule, Daria Ramirez, Robert Arevalo and more. This will be the first time the Star For All Seasons is going to work with Kim Chiu in a production.

Director Chito Rono said that the script was tailored made for the governor. Governor Vi is trying out a new genre which she haven't done before so this is the first time she is doing a horror film. Most of good horror films comes from Asia recently like Japan, Bangkok and the Philippines is trying to go with that flow.

The two ratings are for specific audience. If you are concerned about the gore and if you have a heart problem, go for the cinema with R-13 rating. If you like to see the director's cut, go for the cinema that with R-18 rating.

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