Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Miracle

Story: Three California Gray Whales trapped in a hole in an ice at  the Arctic Circle. The only people who can help them are the unlikely alliance of a TV news reporter, a Greenpeace activist, an oil executive, a village of whale hunters, the National Guard, and a Soviet crew.

Review: When I first saw the trailer of this movie, my first impression was, another family movie in tradition of Free Willy. It was only recently, that there was another similar family film, A Dolphin's Tail. What makes it different from similar films was because it is a true story and it happened during the Cold War.

As I mentioned, there are people here in the story that joined forces even though they have a conflict between them. As I mentioned, it was during the Cold War. Each one of these people contradicts in ideology and yet they were able to put their difference aside for one goal. Although the film itself varied from the actual story, its message it conveys is still there.

The movie didn't just concentrate on family values but also on community spirit. The simple living of the Inupiat village has that effect on the viewer. There are also real news footage that was used for the movie and you will see Sarah Palin as herself when she was still sportscaster Sarah Heath in one of the archive footage.

Big Miracle is released and distributed locally by Solar Entertainment Corp.

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