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The Dark Knight Rises review

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Story: After the events in the previous movie; The Dark Knight, the Batman is no longer active in his crusade against crime until a new threat emerges in Gotham City.
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Background: For those who are not into comic books. The Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger in 1939 for DC Comics. His comic debut was in Detective Comics # 27 as the Bat-Man before it became just Batman. The original idea for the Caped Crusader was that he was a crime-fighter on the side of the law. Kane developed the character from Sherlock Holmes and Zorro. During the 80's, the character rebooted in a more interesting manner. Batman became an outlaw vigilante. What makes Batman unique is that even though he is fully, human, he uses his skills as advantage and sometimes can take even a powerful superhero. Since then, Batman became my favorite super-hero. Even my former professor/ordained minister uses Batman as an image of messianic parallelism for his Theology classes.

Review: The Batman phenomenon made this impact on me since Tim Burton's 1989 film, Batman starring Michael Keaton. After the sequel, Batman Returns, Tim Burton stopped directing the next film, Batman Forever but serves as the movie's co-producer. Although it has good cast of actors, the film was not the same when Burton directed it. It even got worse with the next sequel. But I was glad when Christopher Nolan took over the reboot in Batman Begins. It proves much better than the 1989 film. It never failed to get to get better when the sequel, The Dark Knight was released.
Batman's first appearance. Detective Comic #27

For Christian Bale, I still find it funny when he does a Batman voice. He does it fine but Kevin Conroy does it better in Batman The Animated Series. The costume is much more realistic as an advanced armor than tights that Adam West used to wear in the old series.

For Anne Hathaway to play Selina Kyle, her character was just as detailed in the comic books. Catwoman first appeared as a villain but when the character also rebooted, she is also an anti-heroine as well as a cat burglar unlike her predecessor Michelle Pfeiffer in Burton's Batman Returns. Although, Pfeiffer's Catwoman was purr-fect, Hathaway's Selina Kyle was way much better than I expected. Her catsuit was more of what a professional cat-burglar might wear than a costume. Her mask not only conceals her identity, it is also gadget. Selina Kyle is not called Catwoman throughout the movie.

Tom Hardy played Bane is more detailed from the comics than what Robert Swenson did in Joel Shumacher's Batman and Robin. Bane is equally smart as Batman as he is strong than a dumb henchman. Bane was created by Chuck Dixon, Graham Nolan and Dave Moench as a crucial villain in the Knightfall story arc.With exception of his face mask, Bane's outfit also could pass as a uniform rather than a costume.
Bane. Art from Batman: Gotham Knights

Commissioner Gordon is played by Gary Oldman. There were already two who played the part in previous incarnations but it was Gary Oldman who was the spitting image of Gordon in the comics and he is a good actor. Michael Caine's portrayal of the butler Alfred Pennyworth shows how important his character is from the death of Bruce Wayne's parents and how instrumental he is when Batman began and also being a jack-of-all-trade.

Lucius Fox, played by Morgan Freeman, was the one of the major  Batman characters that first appeared in Nolan's Batman trilogy. The other character that also made an appearance in Nolan's Batman was the serial killer Zsasz in the first movie, Batman Begins. Police Officer John Blake is the only name among the key characters that does not exists in the comics and yet his character made an impact in the story which is unexpected.

The Batmobile still looks more like a tank than a car since it was meant to be used in the military until Bruce saw it. But it adds toughness when people sees it. I can still relate the story from two comic story arcs, Knightfall and No Mans' Land but it was a good thing. Despite from  being action packed, the movie also has sentimental moments that will also make you feel good when leaving the movie. Even though it is the last movie of the trilogy, you will walk out the cinema feeling good. It ended the best way possible. The Dark Knight Rises is now showing in theaters in IMAX or regular 2D formats and is released and distributed by Warner Bros.

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