Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Act of Valor

S.E.A.L.s: Acronym for Sea, Air, and Land. They were the U.S. Navy's elite forces. Although there was already a movie about the Navy SEALs back in the 80's, Act of Valor casts real Navy SEALs who are still in active duty. During the Second World War, SEALs were formerly called FROGMEN. Navy SEALs served throughout Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East.

In the movie,the Navy SEALs demonstrated how they rescue a hostage from a foreign country which in this case, a CIA undercover agent captured by a Mexican drug cartel. I appreciate how the film was presented. They even made a first person view to give the patron a feeling that he/she is part of the mission holding a rifle and shoots the adversary.

 The sound effects of the movie is also an experience. I got to see it at SM City North EDSA Cinema 1 which is located at The Block. The seats of this cinema provides an effect that absorbs the sound effects of the movie and interact with the patron. It may shock you at first, but you will get used to it as the movie progresses.

Act of Valor is now showing exclusively in SM Cinemas.

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