Friday, September 27, 2013

Paranoia movie review

Story: A young man entangled in industrial espionage between two rival tech corporate executives.

Note: Paranoia is driven by anxiety and fear. There are times that it is irrational but it is not a phobia.
Review: Corporate rivalries is nothing new especially here in the Philippines. We are aware of rivalries in TV networks, fast foods, cellular services, and even in soda drinks. I don't need to identify who are these because you know who am I talking about.
I like the premise of the movie. There are battles that are done not with weapons. This is were industrial espionage comes in. There are no lives at stake but the results can also be a disaster. Gone are the days when the villains of the story are the terrorists, mad scientists, the marginalized. The most sinister evil today can be personified by a corporate executive. The corporate represents power and greed.
The conflict when you found out who is being used as chess pieces and you don't know how to escape the situation without sacrificing everything you hold precious. The casting is a mix of veterans and new talents. Liam Hemsworth is making a name for himself not because of his brother, Chris, who is known for his role as the Asgardian Avenger, Thor but for his role in The Hunger Games.
The veterans are Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. You don't expect this guys especially Harrison Ford to embody the evil of a corporate executive and given this kind of role in this movie. What I like about this movie is that it can be a learning reference in business. Paranoia is shown exclusively at Ayala cinemas.

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