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It's been a year since I first posted about CinemaWorld. Here are five reasons why you should subscribe now.

Catch 24/7, uninterrupted viewing of only the best movies from around the globe.  CinemaWorld is the first and only pan-Asia international movie channel.  Being first launched last October 2012, CinemaWorld is celebrating its first year after first airing in the Philippines and, to date, is available on Sky Cable and CableLink.


Know five reasons why you should pick up the phone, call your cable operator, and get CinemaWorld.


1. CinemaWorld offers award-winning movies and festival hits from around the world

CinemaWorld brings the best of movie entertainment from the world’s top storytellers.  From award-winning movies, to box-office successes, critics’ favorites and festival hits, the channel guarantees to be a treat for Filipino cable subscribers.

Fish Tank, the British Film winner of the 2010 BAFTA Film Awards and Jury Prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, revolves around a single mother Joanne and her rebellious fifteen-year old daughter Mia (played by Katie Jarvis), who are constantly at odds with one another.  Their relationship take a turn for the worse when mother and daughter fall in love with Connor (played by Michael Fassbender, who starred in 300, X-Men: First Class, Prometheus), boyfriend of the former.  Mia attempts to seduce Connor to take him away from her mother, and when she succeeds, Joanne's greatest anger is not with the man who has slept with her under aged daughter, but the girl who is now a rival for the affections of her lover.  Written and directed by Andrea Arnold, Fish Tank premieres October 5, at 9:00 PM, on CinemaWorld.


2. CinemaWorld has movies for every member of the family

CinemaWorld provides a breadth of entertainment, cutting across all genres.  The channel’s wide range of movies cover Action, Romance, Family, Action, Comedy, Suspense / Thriller, Horror, Drama – offering its viewers even a breadth of the world.

In time for the Halloween season, brought by the producers of The Ring, Shelter gives Filipino TV subscribers a new Horror movie to watch out for.   After her husband’s death, Dr. Cara Harding (played by multi-award winning actress Julianne Moore), a psychiatrist, finds her faith in God shaken until she begins watching over a new patient.  Being treated for multiple personalities, the patient who goes by Adam / David / Wesley (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is soon discovered to take on personalities of several murder victims.  As Cara finds out more about him and his past, the closer she and her loved ones are to becoming murder victims themselves.  Shelter will be shown first on Philippine TV on October 13, at 9:00 PM.


3. CinemaWorld is a unique option to your regular TV viewing

CinemaWorld gives diversity to liven up television view, adding a whole new dimension to one’s entertainment options.  No other channel gives such diversity of movies from different parts of the globe.


Zaytoun, produced only last year in the UK, is a Thriller Drama that takes on the somber reality of the Israel-Lebanon conflict, yet manages to draw in its audience with a fresh take on the meaning of friendship, survival and reconciliation.  Ten-year old Fahed lives with his father and grandfather in the Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp.  His father obsessively tends to his prized but sickly olive tree, a remnant of the home they fled in 1948.  One day, Fahed and his group of friends see someone come off an Israeli jet – Yoni, a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force, who is then captured and imprisoned.  Wanting to save his father’s possession from his ancestral land, Fahed frees Yoni to get him past the border and into Palestine to plant his father’s olive tree.  The two must overcome the fierce hatred, raw emotion and intolerance built up over generations in order to survive the dangerous journey as Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese military chase them across war-torn Lebanon.  Zaytoun will first air on CinemaWorld this October 6, at 9:00 PM.


4. CinemaWorld allows you to travel from the comforts of your home

Crossing boundaries and cultures, the channel takes its viewers on a ride to see the world.  From Italy, to Germany, to Iran, to Argentina, CinemaWorld knows no limits and helps expand horizons beyond one’s imagination.  Better understand cultures and languages as CinemaWorld offers a different kind of journey.

In German Comedy Turkish for Beginners, Lena is sent on a vacation to Southeast Asia.  Unfortunately, her plane is forced to do an emergency landing in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and winds up on an island with a sexy Turk, his religious sister, and a stuttering Greek.  The multi-cultured and multi-awarded movie revolves around their misadventures and what they need to do to cope with life on an island until they are rescued.  Boasting of being one of the Audience Awardees at the 2013 German Film Awards, Turkish for Beginners will have its Asian cable premiere on October 20, at 9:00 PM.


5. Movies on CinemaWorld are fresh yet still mainstream

The channel features international movies that do not make it to local theaters, yet are successes in their countries of origin.  CinemaWorld makes sure that these hidden gems are not missed out on by the rest of the world.  Freshly Squeezed is definitely one of them in this Sex and the City meets Bridget Jones German Comedy.

Andrea is single and perfectly content.  She then runs into her childhood friend Gregor (played by Alexander Beyer), a seductive man of the world, and meets a sweet and kind and noble young lawyer, Chris (played by Tom Wlaschiha, who stars in Game of Thrones), who helps her when she sprains her ankle.  Within a few days, she finds herself in bed, first with Gregor then with Chris.  But who, she wonders several weeks later, is responsible for the little baby growing within her?  The funny and entertaining Freshly Squeezed will air on CinemaWorld starting October 27, at 9:00 PM.


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CinemaWorld is available in Metro Manila on Cable Link on channel 301, and on SkyCable HD on channel 184.  Contact your cable operator for more details.

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