Sunday, April 28, 2013

Identity Thief Movie Review

Poster photo courtesy of UIP
Former teen star Jason Bateman returns for another comedy In Identity Thief. I've known him since his younger days when he was the 2nd person to take up the title role of Teen Wolf after Michael J. Fox in its sequel, Teen Wolf Too.

It took him years to return to acting when he got a supporting role in Hancock starring Will Smith. After Hancock, there were already sequence of movies. In Identity Thief, he plays a hardworking family man who got victimized by a poser who maxed out his credit card. He embarks on an interstate quest to bring this identity thief to local authorities.

It was not Bateman's first time to do a comedy tandem in a movie. He was in a comedy with Ryan Reynolds in The Change-Up. In Identity Thief, he paired up with Melissa McCarthy. I first saw Ms. McCarthy in a popular series Gilmore Girls where she played a chef named Sookie. She has this witty comedy that really hard to ignore in that series.

She took the movies when she starred in Bridesmaids where she delivered another comedy role that is far from her household TV role. It was because of Bridesmaids that Bateman want to work with Ms. McCarthy.

I define the comedy of Identity Thief as smart as well as slapstick so the humor is not for younger audience. Not only that there's witticism, there are lots of stunts involved. The pairing of Bateman and McCarthy is probably the start of something new in comedy. I won't be surprised if they have more movie projects in the future. For now, I am looking forward another movie starring Melissa McCarthy when she pairs up with Sandra Bullock.

Despite the humor, the movie may give you tips how to avoid being victims to identity theft which does happen to a lot of people. Identity Thief is distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corporation. For more movie reviews and updates, visit and like the L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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