Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bayang Magiliw movie review

I rarely review Tagalog movies because I rarely got invited to one. I only spend if the director and story is really that good. It usually happens if its an independent production and not mainstream. I never heard of the movie Bayang Magiliw until I was invited on the day itself.

It turned out worthwhile to watch. The movie is about a fictional town of Magiliw where reproductive health methods are considered outlaw. The movie tackles issues why reproductive health should be implemented. Even though the RH Bill is already a law, there are still anti-RH supporters who are not open minded. I recall that there was a city that bans selling contraceptives and condoms at a drug store.

Even though the movie's fictional, there are situations and characters may be too real. It is also funny and entertaining. It is rare that movies shows social relevance which is only seen in independent movies. You can't blame me not to watch local movies because they don't show the same quality movies like the independent movies. I heard that in the mainstream, restrictions are also made from doing quality movies. It's OK to do movies that are fantasy and horror and romance genres and do all sequels as many as you can but we are just limiting ourselves to that. We can do something new from time to time. This movie was shown exclusively at SM Cinemas.

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