Monday, March 11, 2013

The Dinosaur Project. A Movie Review

Story: Sightings of an unidentified species that led a scientific expedition to an uncharted location where they are about to see what they only saw in history books.

Review: When I first saw the trailer, I was imagining another thriller following suit after The Blair Witch Project. Yeah, it was an innovative way of story telling but after using the same style like Paranormal Activity that spawned three more sequels is getting overused.

But what I like about the movie was that unlike most of it, you get a real glimpse of the object of terror in this movie: The dinosaur. I was a solid fan of Michael Chrichton's Jurassic Park and its movie expansion. I can't help but getting reminded of the Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle because it had similarities.

But the good thing was the dinosaurs was very detailed CG imagery that can also be pass for Hollywood quality. It was only being shown here in the Philippines just this month that it just reminded me that it coincide with the 20 years of the Jurassic Park movie that it will soon have its 3D version release this year.

The movie also had a subconscious marketing scheme when it keeps on focusing on the GoPro camera that was maximized for one of the characters. The Dinosaur Project can be fun to watch even though it was short. It kinda remind me of a amusement park rides.

The most interesting fact about some prehistoric animal that might exist in this modern age is that it actually happened. Just like the movie, a prehistoric fish called the Coelacanth was found alive in a coast of Africa. The people there already knew about it. The ocean also holds a mystery better to us in the land. I would not be surprised if the Loch Ness monster was really a dinosaur.

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