Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stoker movie review

Story: India's father recently passed away and made her whole world fall down. She has no close attachment to her estranged mother with added injury when her uncle, whom she had no contact since as far as she remembers.
Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight
Review: This is one story about a family that is not wholesome. It is a sensual thriller that reminds me of Basic Instinct. It was artistically done without surprise since it is from Fox Searchlight. Fox Searchlight has produced art film types of movies and Stoker is just one example added to that list.
Mia Wasikowska is such a revelation in this movie. You can never expect her do this movie because her last movie was Alice In Wonderland. You cannot also expect Matthew Goode involve in movies like these. His previous movie targeted the juvenile audience.
Although Nicole Kidman is part of the movie, her character was not the movie's focus but Mia's character, India, and she already graduated to motherly roles even with her credentials.

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