Friday, February 10, 2012

Safe House

Story: CIA agent Matt Weston(Ryan Reynolds) is in charge of a CIA safe house in Africa when a CIA traitor named Tobin Frost escorted by Weston's fellow CIA agents arrive. While getting settled, what was supposed to be a secret and secured safe house was attacked and killed all the escorts. Weston needs to relocate the "house guest" in another place while finding out what secrets Frost is keeping.

Review: The safe house is what usually people call a place where they keep key witnesses who are in grave danger before testifying in a trial. In the case of the movie, it's what Frost is keeping. The suspense of the story is what will make the movie worth your money. There were lots of twist  and action packed scenes. I never saw Denzel Washington kick butt better than his last action movie like The Book of Eli.As for his character, Frost, he is hard to predict. Ryan Reynolds, did well as Matt Weston. He was able to redeem himself after bad review about Green Lantern. He was able to do action again just like what he did in Blade: Trinity where he played Knightstalker Hannibal Drake. There were elements of this movie that it was not is not Hollywood material and similar to indie filming because it was directed by Daniel Espinosa. This is one of the movies that opens this week that you shouldn't miss. Safe House opens February 10 in Philippine cinemas and is released locally by Solar Entertainment Corp.

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