Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Descendants

Photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox
Story: Overcoming the troubles during the coma of his wife after a boating accident, Honolulu-based lawyer Matt King struggles to connect to his two daughters.

Review: The story can be told like a local drama series. These are some situations that happens to families in real life. Despite the serious tone, there are some comical scenes that can balance the conflicts in the story. Living in paradise like Honolulu doesn't guarantee that life would be pleasing. The casting was a good selection of new actors that could be famous someday.

Amara Miller, who played 10-year old daughter Scottie King, provides potential in future movie projects. She gave some comic performances. Nick Krause, who played Sid, also provided comic relief for the movie. Shailene Woodley, who played 17-year old daughter Alexandra King, has a promising career as a new hottie.

The production is so simple but it was set in Honolulu which is such a nice backdraft for any movie goer. The musical score is also purely Hawaiian but you won't hear any Elvis songs. This movie has a quality of an indie film because of it's lack of Hollywood element but for the good reasons. The Descendants is released and distributed by Fox Searchlight through Twentieth Century Fox.

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