Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island

Story: Journey 2 to is a sequel of Journey To The Center Of The Earth. Sean Anderson received a weird radio transmission from his long-lost grandfather that Sean believes coming from the Mysterious Island of Jules Verne.

Review: The story takes place years after Trevor Anderson his nephew, Sean(Josh Hutcherson) discovered a hidden world at the Center of the Earth. Sean, now a teenager, is the only returning actor from the previous movie. Sean's mom, Elizabeth or Liz, is now played by Kristin Davis(Sex And The City). The previous actress was played by Jane Wheeler. The possible reason for this is probably because there will be more scenes for Liz than the previous movie.

Although it is a sequel, it is a separate story from the first Journey. Just like the first Journey, there is also reference to Jules Verne. The Mysterious Island is a sequel to another Verne classic, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. The story has much more better twist than the first. Replacing Brendan Fraser was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The Rock proved that he can do well as an actor too that he had many roles to play. For Michael Caine, it is rare that I get to see him in a family oriented film. Josh Hutcherson already ready for roles his age. Last I saw him was The Vampire's Assistant. Vanessa Hudgens came back in doing family oriented movie like Journey 2 and plays Kailani, the daughter of the chartered pilot. Last movie she did was Sucker Punch which was not a family movie. Luis Guzman the father of Kailani and does the movie's comic relief well.

The movie has no violence in it and the special effects are also good in 3D.The family will not be worried about their kids in seeing it and there are also family values to relate from. Journey 2 is released and distributed by Warner Bros. Phils. Advance screening was done at IMAX SM Mall Of Asia last January 31, 2012.

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