Friday, February 17, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

Story: While struggling to control his inner demon, Johnny Blaze rides again to save a boy from the same being that gave him his cursed power.

Review: I have mixed emotions about this film. The story is nothing new. I have seen the premise in horror movies. Unlike other Marvel films, this is the only one that is on the same level. It is also not connected with the first movie because there was some inconsistencies so this movie is a partial reboot. Although I like what the Ghost Rider look like in the first movie, they removed the spikes on the knuckles and shoulders because it wasn't what Blaze look like in the comics but kept the chain as a weapon. There were also another change in this Ghost Rider. The skull was blackened compared in the first one. Even the motorcyle was different from the first ,movie. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this better than the first one and there are new characters including a new villain, Carrigan. 
Ghost Rider First Series Issue 1

Unlike in the comics, the villains Ghost Rider encounters are more human-like and they are not known in their usual names. For those who are into comics, we know that the demon Roarke is Mephisto and Carrigan is Blackout. In the comics, Johnny Blaze was using a stunt cyclist jumpsuit type for his Ghost Rider and was riding a regular motorcycle when he first appeared in August 1972 comics, Marvel Spotlight # 5. Just like in the comics, Ghost Rider is an anti-hero. 

Besides, Carrigan, there's another new character in this movie that is not clear whether it is the same one in the comics but it can be exciting to know. If it is so, can we expect another crossover story line in the movie just like what they did with The Avengers? For those who are interested to read Ghost Rider in comics, Ghost Rider still appears under Marvel Knights but you may need a lot of catching up to do. Ghost Rider is released and distributed by Sony/Columbia Pictures.
The latest Ghost Rider

Fact: Nicolas Cage's real name is Nicolas Coppola. He is the nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola. To avoid being familiarized with the director when Nicolas started, he used the name Cage, which was inspired by another Marvel Superhero, Luke Cage(formerly known as Power Man back then).

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