Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Dressmaker movie review

It's been a while since Kate Winslet did a periodical movie piece. Instead of being aboard a Red-Star liner, she is now in a post-war Australian Outback town as a working-class dressmaker instead of upper-class socialite.

What I like about this movie is the story. In a town so small that even though everyone knew each other, there are still secrets. I find Kate Winslet hotter and fierce in this movie than in Titanic especially when she wore the black dress which is also a fun scene.

It is also good to have another actor I also know. I didn't expect Hugo Weaving as this movie's comic relief. Although I saw him do comedy in another Aussie movie Pricilla: Queen of the desert, his comedic role is a surprise and it is the best part of this movie.

Another actor was also unexpectedly hot. The actor who played Gertie is also hot when her character was transformed. What I didn't expect was the tandem of Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth for this movie. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is Liam younger than Kate?

But despite the comedy, it is also has dark areas in it. The audience is for serious movie audience since the movie is about revenge. The story is based on a novel by Rosalie Ham. What makes it unique was how Australians do movies which is quite different from Hollywood movie. Overall, it is is quite a good movie to watch for the month of November when it opens on the 4th here in the Philippines.

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