Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spy movie review

When you hear the word spy, you associate it with James Bond because he is the longest running franchise in the action genre. There had been a few spy comedies but nothing came as funny and hilarious like this. Here are the reasons why you should watch Spy:
Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

#It is not the first action comedy Melissa McCarthy did. She was in The Identity Thief as a the title role and The Heat were she was a cop. If you enjoyed Melissa McCarthy in The Heat, you will like Spy better.

#She combined both slapstick and witty dialogues.

#Melissa McCarthy is reunited with her Bridesmaid co-actor Rose Byrne who plays her frenemy in the movie. It just shows that Rose Byrne is also funny in her own way.

#Jason Statham is a revelation in comedy. Jude Law also done comedy and Allison Janney is famours for in Britain for her comedy. The British has their own kind of humor. But all the actors are funny regardless of which country they originate. It just shows that the actors compliment each other in the comedy aspect. 

#You can expect that it is adult humor.There is a reason why is it R-13 in the Philippines.

#If you laughed so easily, get ready for lots of it. Expect also lots of reaction from slapstick sequences and the stunts.

#My expectations were not high when I saw the trailer but after watching the movie, it really blew me away. This maybe the best comedy movie after Get Hard this month.

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