Friday, May 1, 2015

Big Game in 4DXD movie review

When I first got the press release of this movie, it was not as advertised as the mainstream Hollywood movies. The movie was dominantly a Finnish production and it was done on location in Finland and Germany.

The story was not unique and it reminded me of a scenario of Air Force One movie starring Harrison Ford but with a twist. Unlike the previous movie, the most powerful airplane in the world is taken down and the president(played by Samuel L. Jackson) is on the run with none of his secret service agents survived. His only hope for survival in a Finnish forest lies in the hand of a 13-year old hunter Oskari.

The only known actors beside Jackson is Victor Garber who plays the Vice President and Ray Stevenson as the Air Force One's chief of security. What I like about the movie is the cross-cultural aspect. It bridges understanding and facts about culture in Finland. It also helps if you have a background of hunting in the wild.

We are familiar with Samuel L. Jackson's tough image since Pulp Fiction and his recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but you will see him different here.I find this movie enjoyable but not the type you can watch on a regular cinema since it is so simple but watching it on 4DXD, makes it more interesting.

The action sequences coordinated with the 4D cinema's immersive system that will make you feel the movie in the edge of your seats...literally. I think it is best to watch in 4D to make it really interesting than in the regular cinema.

Big Game is now playing at 4DxD cinema in SM Mall of Asia where the IMAX cinema lobby is. If you watch in 4DXD, you will engage your senses.  For more movie reviews, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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