Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Movie Review: Grave Bandits

Story: A meteorite crashed in one of the Philippine islands and one of debris turned the inhabitants into mindless cannibals while the others flee. Present day: Two grave bandits trying to flee from the caretaker and chased them along with some townsfolk and stumbled into the island.

Review: I first heard about the movie when I was invited to watch it. I was told that it was in Filipino but it was only when I got to see it that it was already been seen in an international movie festival and it's an independent movie.
Photo courtesy of JR Bustamante

What impresses me about the movie besides the action was the situation of orphans in the streets. Also, that it is one proof that we have movies that can be compared with international movies. Here are some of the movies good points. Editing. Story was simple that even if the subtitles are removed, you can still understand it.

The SFX were also good. The transformation of the zombies/undead cannibals are good quality. Reminds me of the old zombie flicks. Even though this movie were shown in movie festivals here and abroad, there are some not-so-good points. There is a sequence in one scene that are not necessary but it is a minor thing.

You can see Grave Bandits starting November 6 exclusively at SM Cinemas. For more movie reviews, follow Mark_Templar on Twitter and this movie blog.

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