Friday, November 29, 2013

As I Lay Dying movie review

Most people are curious about death. According to Captain James Hook(nemesis of Peter Pan), "Death is the only adventure". This movie may help give you insights about it. What makes it interesting for me was not only that James Franco was in it but he directed it as well. I first saw James Franco as Harry Osborne in the first Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi.

Photo courtesy of Millennium Films
I saw him recently when he played himself in an apocalyptic comedy "This Is The End" where I tried to figure out if this were the real him behind the camera. But it was a revelation for me to find out that Franco can direct not just any movie but an independent movie.

The movie is a new cinematic experience for me. Not only that it is adapted from Willliam Faulkner's novel but how Franco delivered the movie. You can see two alternate perspective happening at the same time. It was shown in tho halves of the screen just like in the TV series 24.

Another revelation in this movie was Danny McBride, who is known to do comedy movies. This is probably the first time I saw McBride doing a serious movie if I recall correctly. He also have worked with Franco in comedies like Your Highness and This Is The End.

I watched As I Lay Dying exclusively at MyCinema.

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