Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Story: Wally is a battered wife who found happiness from her obsession with the the story of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Review: The story was done like an art film. You will not see any Hollywood influence in its film making. The production didn't cast a familiar celebrity but you may recall Abbie Cornish from Sucker Punch.

This is not Madonna's first time to direct. She already did a commercial and another film. I haven't got the chance to see her work but I was really impressed with this movie's story telling. There are two settings that is separated by time. One is a royal scandal from Britain's history and a fictional story of Wally Warthrop(Abbie Cornish) except for the 1998 auction of the artifacts belonging to the Duke and Duchess. Madonna makes bridge between  between these two worlds. As if the two people separated by time, were in a parallel situation and as if they were both connected.

 I heard that Madonna's past movies she directed were given bad reviews but W.E. was better than what I expected. It was sensual but with it was not explicit. This is also a type of movie a Pinoy can appreciate. Coincidentally, it has a similarity with a local movie that is also shown this week. This movie is only exclusive for MyCinema at Ayala Cinemas.

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