Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution

Story: Continuation of the longest video game movie adaptation.
Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Review: The story took off where the last movie, Resident Evil: Afterlife left.  As a fan of the game, it is considered the alternate story that is not connected. But what makes it interesting was that even if its not on the game canon, it surpassed all video game adaptations that only had one sequel at most.

This has lots of action scenes which is not hard to catch up even if you haven't scene the first four movies. It is also a femme fatale movie since from the start, the movie always focused on Alice. I wouldn't be surprised if there will be lots of Alice and Ada Wong cosplayers in the next events. 

Ada Wong also caught my attention. They made a good  choice to cast Li Bingbing for that role. In my opinion, Ada Wong is the best video game character incarnation in this movie series. I first saw Bingbing(She's Chinese, Li is her family name) as the White Witch in a Jacky Chan/Jet Li movie, The Forbidden Kingdom. She is really good in characters that can be cosplayed.

This probably a good movie to start as we await the next one. Resident Evil is  distributed by Columbia Pictures, a local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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