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Vacation(2015) movie review

I first saw National Lampoon's Vacation(1983) when it was shown on local broadcast. There was no cable channels available for the masses yet. Even though the theme of National Lampoon is not suitable for kids, the networks cut the scenes that may show explicit content. The original Vacation also spawn sequels and spin-offs. In the new Vacation, Rusty Griswold, now grown up decides to take the family to Walley World; the same vacation he went to when he was a kid.
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National Lampoon's trademark for all their movies are always slapstick and adult humor. Chevy Chase is a very popular comedian in National Lampoon Radio when he was cast as Clark Griswold for Vacation. Since then, Chevy Chase became a comedy icon.

For the cast, it is hard to separate Chevy Chase from the Vacation franchise because it is a symbiotic. It seems like he owns the whole franchise. Ed Helms was a good choice to play Rusty Griswold, who has a family now with two sons. Helms is one of the best comedians of this generation since The Hangover trilogy. Although Rusty was originally played by Anthony Michael Hall in the original Vacation, it won't suit him because he has a different image than a comedian and he only played Rusty in the first Vacation. In the sequels, there were other actors who played the role of Rusty including The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki which makes me wonder if he was offered this role despite his busy schedule with the series.

Expanding the Griswold clan, we now get to meet Rusty's family. Christina Applegate seems to be the frequent choice to pair up with comedians like Jason Sudeikis and now Ed Helms. Because she is one of the best female comedians of this generation.

For the new Griswold kids played by Skyler Gisondo and Steele Stebbins, they provide a new look for the next generation Griswolds and they are both brothers while Rusty has a sister Audrey. Just like the role of Rusty, there were different Audreys in the previous movies except for the spin-off TV movie Christmas Vacation 2 where Dana Barron, the original Audrey; reprises her role. Leslie Mann plays the new Audrey who is now settling down with her husband, Stone Crandall; played by Chris Hemsworth. After watching this movie, I will never see Thor the same way again.

The movie has various cameo appearances but what the fans look forward to was the Girl in the red Ferrari which is popularized by Christie Brinkley in the first Vacation is now played by another model. The only thing that made this movie different from the first Vacation was the absence of Cousin Eddie's family played by Randy Quaid.

I caution every viewer to be ready for the biggest laugh of your life. After you finished laughing with one scene, you might not get a chance to catch your breath with another. Chevy Chase and beverly D'Angelo reprises their roles as the Clark and Ellen Griswold which makes it seems that the elder Griswold is now passing the torch.

Vacation opens August 19 in Philippine cinemas and is released and distributed by Warner Bros. Phils. For more movie reviews, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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