Saturday, August 29, 2015

Before We Go movie review

What if you someone you just suddenly meet is one for you but is already taken. Chris Evans shows us what it's like in his directorial movie debut "Before We Go". This movie is unlike any romance movie that you can watch but you cannot help compare it to Before Sunrise because it draws inspiration from there.
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Just like Before Sunrise, it is also not the type of movie Hollywood makes. It is also similar to independent movie productions. The movie was done like it was shot on one take straight. There are minimal songs used but it was well picked.

There are only few supporting characters that's even less than handful because it only rotates on two main characters. I always knew Chris Evans is good in romantic comedies but this is the first time I saw he was paired with Alice Eve. Both of them have respective background in pop culture. Chris Evans is Captain America in Marvel movies and Alice Eve is Carol Marcus in Star Trek: Into Darkness but I first saw her in romantic comedy She's Out Of My League and a guest character for Sex & The City as Charlotte's Irish nanny, and young Agent O in MIB 3. What I enjoyed in the movie was that they have chemistry onscreen and they have adventures in the city and been all over New York for the whole movie.

Evans admit that he never got studied directing but it turned out well in my opinion. This movie is something anyone can relate to especially if you just got off a relationship or into complicated one because I surely can see myself in this movie. I even like how it ended. If you are looking for a date movie, then this is for you but it is only exclusive at Ayala Cinemas. For more movie reviews, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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