Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Get Hard movie review

After the Avengers: Age Of Ultron opened in cinemas a week ago, I thought there will be no other movies for the coming weeks since the first Avenger movies dominated the movies for months. But I am glad that I am still able to view new movies.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

I am not saying that Avengers is the best movie this month but there are good movies to watch besides. One movie in particular is Get Hard starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. This movie highlights the first comic tandem of the two comedy actors especially for Kevin Hart who gave groundbreaking performance in The Wedding Ringer.

Will Ferrell plays an executive who is serving a jail sentence and consults Kevin Hart's character thinking that he got served in a maximum penitentiary.

What I didn't expect that the movie has adult humor. Not the malicious kind but it tackles some may find racist slurs but there are funny antics that are slapstick and smart. I heard lots of punchlines from this movie that will make my ribs cracked laughing.

So if you are looking for another movie besides Avengers, this is the movie you should see. So far, this is the only movie I watch that is really good. For more movie reviews, follow this blog and like

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