Friday, March 6, 2015

Kidnapping Freddy Heineken movie review

The story is an adaptation from a biography. I knew about Heineken because of the beer which is widely distributed globally. I never realized this event occur because I was not yet born when this was a headline.
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Doing a biopic for a movie is a hard task. I am not surprised if I didn't enjoy much because I may be expecting action since Sam Worthington is part of the cast and Anthony Hopkins is playing the title role of the iconic beer mogul.

But it has more mind games since kidnapping was the task of the main characters since it happened in real life, you will surely know how will this end. My only comment from the movie was since it was set in the 1970's there was less effort from the main characters to look that they are from that era.  Also, they sounded Irish than Dutch. Nevertheless, it will give this generation an idea that it happened.

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