Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gangnam Blues movie review

I first heard about the place Gangnam because of the obvious sources like the Youtube video phenomenon. Gangnam Blues is not the movie I wanted to see but because I covered the launch of SineAsia week earlier, I think it was worth going to and there is a huge fan-based followers of Lee Min Ho that will make their ovaries explode just at the sight of the actor.

Here is the reason why should you watch Gangnam Blues besides the Lee Min Ho fans:

1.Gangnam movie is not just any action movie. It's a periodical piece in Korea's history about why we see Korea as it is now.

2. Lee Min Ho's character is not like any of his TV image we are familiar with. His character is not the romantic type but a darker image. Even though the target audience are his fans, they may be going to be shocked about a not-so-wholesome Lee Min Ho.

3. This movie will test the fans of Lee Min Ho whether they just wanted to see him or they also like story substance.

4. The action doesn't look choreographed. It is like they are from the slum areas and street gangs. It sure convinced me since my neighborhood also had history of violence that still exist today.

Even though I like the movie. There are some things that I didn't like. I am more after the original content but since the SineAsia movie are all Tagalog dubbed, I have to deal with that. But I still enjoy it.

Gangnam Blues is the first movie that will be screened for SineAsia. Watch out for the next movies. SineAsia Theater is brought to you exclusively by SM Lifestyle and Entertainment,Inc. and Viva Films in selected SM Malls. For more movie reviews, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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