Wednesday, January 14, 2015

American Sniper movie review

The movie is a biopic about an expert sniper that served during the conflict in the Middle East. I have to admit, I have mixed issues about this movie even if it's based on a true story. Bradley Cooper's character, Chris Kyle has the right motives to be enlisted. Like everyone else, he is also affected after what happened during 9/11.
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Although Chris Kyle knows the morale and ethics in during his tour of duty, he is still conflicted which is not surprising for those who went into wars especially among veterans. War veterans usually undergo traumas that affects their lives after serving their duty.
The real Chris Kyle

Brad Cooper may be nominated again for Best Actor after playing the title role. Director Clint Eastwood may also bag another award for this movie. Eastwood may be iconic in the action movie genre but he also made his mark in doing quality movies.

My only issue about this movie is the involvement of the U.S. armed forces in the Middle East. The movie didn't actually show why are they in this region of the world and they only showed one side or point of view of the conflict. Most of the Muslims they encountered in the movie are considered bad guys. Although, it is not mentioned if the one they are facing are Al Qaeda. I only hope that this movie audience won't think the Muslims are evil.

But this is why this movie is still subjective for me. It is up to the audience to decide how they view this movie. For more inputs or quality movie reviews, follow this movie blog or like the L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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