Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This July 2014 in CinemaWorld

Nordic Crime Dramas on CinemaWorld This July

It’s a whole new world of entertainment beyond Hollywood. CinemaWorld, the first Pan-Asia international movie channel, brings the best movies from the world’s best story tellers. Introducing diverse cultures, all movies are shown in their original language subtitled in English.
Explore the Northern part of Europe with CinemaWorld’s exclusive premieres on Sunday See The World every 9:00 PM, featuring Nordic films – Echoes From the Dead and Glass Dolls.
Echoes From The Dead, a mystery novel adaptation from the team behind the Millenium Trilogy, takes place in the Swedish island of Öland. Julia’s six-year-old son Jens goes missing, and she is holding her father, Gerlof, responsible. Carrying a heavy burden, Gerlof spends many years performing his own investigation. His prime suspect is the mythical Nils Kant, who is supposedly dead and has been buried for many years. But rumor has it that Nils Kant still haunts the island. Twenty years after the disappearance, Julia’s father receives one of the shoes Jens was wearing the day he went missing. Who sent it? Is Jens still alive? Starring Lena Endre, who plays the role of Julia, winner of the Best Actress Awards from the Amanda Awards (Norway’s Oscar) and the Guldbagge Award (Sweden’s Oscar), Echoes From The Dead premieres on CinemaWorld on July 6, at 9:00 PM.
Just released this April 4, 2014 in Norway is Thriller Glass Dolls. One windy, autumn day, university student Lisa is found dead in a small lake on the Tromsø Island. As police and investigator, Aslak Eira, seems to be fumbling in the dark, the best friend of Lisa disappears as well. The struggle to save the student’s life and to reveal the identity of the murderer becomes a race against time. For Aslak, it becomes a matter of life and death as his 16 year-old son becomes involved in the case. Based on a recent novel of Norwegian crime writer Jorun Thørring, catch Glass Dolls on CinemaWorld on July 20, at 9:00 PM.
Continue the adventure at home with Swedish psychological thriller series, Van Veteeren, on CinemaWorld’s Thriller Fridays, at 11:00 PM. Watch episodes Return of the Dancing Masters on July 4, Carambole on July 11, The Swallow, The Cat, The Rose & Death on July 18 and Moreno & The Silence on July 25.
As CinemaWorld is committed to offering what is good, outstanding and different, Sunday See The World has more movies premiering first on CinemaWorld.
Some say money is the root of all evil, but is this the case in Iranian movie, Check? Despite their different characters and beliefs, four persons are obliged to spend 30 hours together waiting to have their share after cashing in a check. Little do they know that each one is looking for a way to take everything for themselves. Check premieres on July 13, at 9:00 PM. Also another fresh release, this time from Spain and Argentina, is Betibu. Pedro Chazarreta was found dead in a peaceful and well-guarded private neighborhood. A few years prior, Pedro was the only suspect accused in the murder case of his wife, simulating a silly domestic accident. To cover Chazarreta’s death, a popular newspaper calls on a ghost writer known as Betibu. Who killed Chazarreta? Is his death related to his wife’s? Find out on July 27, at 9PM.
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