Saturday, July 12, 2014

Movie Review: The Class Act Jersey Boys!

07.12.2014 – No doubt Filipinos adored music all kind of genres from different era everybody liked to sing to it. You might carry a tune or two but most probably you’ll appreciate listening than belting it all out.

There’s no doubt why music is the country’s other passion aside from basketball that comes of a surprise why The Jersey Boys had mixed reviews when it was first seen in North America. If you’re anticipating to see the film don’t hold your breath because the story about the Jersey Boys aka Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons is definitely something to look forward to and we’re giving that reason to see it next week.

It might be an odd and weird kind of way that the director behind the chair is Clint Eastwood. Yeah you’ve read it right the guy who started as Dirty Harry and won an Academy Award for Million Dollar Baby is also the producer of this film. Eastwood is more known for heavy drama with a little action in his films but not musical.

There were a lot of contradictions about what was real and was revealed in the film, but you’ll be surprised how Clint Eastwood put this film together with such authenticity from the wardrobe down to how New Jersey was like in the past.

Jersey Boys, the film was inspired by the Broadway musical of the same that tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Season. In the film the concept of each of member of the band talking to audience in the musical was used in this one but expanded it into a biographical theme from Frankie Valli’s life as a barber’s assistant into a phenomenal crooner that everyone have seen today.

In fact they did made a Philippine Tour early this January 20, 2014 performing at the Resorts World Manila.

Nobody knew these musical legends would be this famous maybe after you see the Jersey Boys. Their rise into the charts in the early 1950s and 1960s before the Beatle phenomenon was something for you to catch it in the big screen.

Overall there’s something to be said about the Jersey Boys other than an impressive film by Clint Eastwood. It might not be like the Academy Award winning film that he previously directed, but definitely for those who have heard about the Four Seasons band and saw them performed early this will be something for the fans to appreciate what classical music is good to hear again.

Jersey Boys opening to Philippine theaters on July 16, 2014 exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinema reserve your tickets in advance on!

Rating: 7.5 | 10

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