Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Review: Charlie Wilson's War

During my early year's of movie review in my flagship blog last September 8, 2009. Most of my reviews are my reflections. But it this review, I sounded preachy.

I just got to watch it on HBO. The first Hanks-Roberts tandem was great. I was also haunted by the words of Joanne Herring played well by Julia Roberts when she said "it was God's will that they should help Afghanistan" in this pre-9/11 story. The question here is Joanne really sensitive to God's will when she herself entertains an affair with Charlie Wilson. If so, was 9-11 also God willed? The reason I asked this because I am currently reading When Religion Becomes Evil by Charles Kimball. He stressed that one of the signs that religion is evil when a religion makes a holy war and when a religion made an absolute truth claims. The U.S. was also guilty of these claims when they came to liberate to the Philippines which was also the same mistake done by the Spaniards. How many must all die in the name of God? Is God serving both sides or both has a different God? What I and Charles Kimball is saying that we should be careful with such claims.

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