Saturday, May 31, 2014

CinemaWorld in June 2014

There’s Still Time to Travel After Summer
With CinemaWorld’s Exclusive Premieres

Who says summer is the only time to travel? With CinemaWorld, seeing the world never stops.

CinemaWorld is the first and only Pan-Asia international movie channel, featuring award-winners and hits from all over the globe. Be entertained with the good, the outstanding, the different. CinemaWorld offers top flight movies in their original language subtitled in English.

CinemaWorld’s Sunday-See-The-World, anchored on every Sunday, at 9:00 PM, guarantees the exclusive premieres of box-office hits, award winners or critically acclaimed movies on Asian television.

Start travelling to Spain this June as Inside Love takes you on a ride of love and mystery. Fresh from its theatrical release on January 24, the movie revolves around young, middle class couple Julia and Felix facing a relationship crisis. At a resort while on vacation, they get into a fight and Julia takes off with the car. In the darkness of the night, she hears a violent crash. Strangely, she does not find anything unusual, but when she returns to the car she discovers that her handbag had been stolen, along with her ID, money and mobile phone. To make it even worse, she can't find her way back – she is lost. Inside Love, starring Marta Etura and Eduardo Noriega (The Last Stand, 2013, Blackthorn, 2011), an award-winning Spanish actor, first premieres on June 1, at 9:00 PM, on CinemaWorld.

All is well that ends well. Find out how a couple changes their immature ways and save their relationship in Cease Fire, dubbed as the Iranian version of Hollywood hit Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Cease Fire chronicles the volatile marriage of naïve Sayeh, chauvinist Youssef and their attempt at reforming their childish and selfish ways. The movie is based on highly acclaimed self-help book about re-parenting the inner child, “Recovery of Your Inner Child”. This Iranian blockbuster Comedy was written and directed by Tahmineh Milani and premieres this June 8, at 9:00 PM, on CinemaWorld.

Experience a journey of twists, turns, and bumps with Samuel and Vincenzo in The Third Half. Joining two different people in one world made this movie a victor of the Pasinetti Award at the Venice Film Festival 2013. It tells of a delinquent 17-year old assigned to a social worker and recently appointed rugby coach Vincenzo, who struggles with depression and loneliness but finds meaning and redemption through rugby. Despite their unpleasant initial connection, Samuel and Vincenzo both find ways to overlook the rift made in their past. As a result, bigger changes happen when Vincenzo introduces Samuel to the sport and to the team. The Third Half airs first on CinemaWorld on June 15, at 9:00 PM.

The Fear will help you find out the father that you don’t want to be and have. The movie is about a father who evokes so much fear in his family that they freeze in his presence. The Fear tackles dramatically how household violence ruins the entire family. This menacing film about domestic violence is said to be “undeniably harrowing,” according to a Hollywood reporter, and will air this June 22, at 9:00 PM, on CinemaWorld.