Friday, May 16, 2014

Maybe This Time Movie Launch Coverage

Despite the summer heat and threat of El Nino, it doesn't stop Star Cinema in to bring romance this summer on its 20th year in cinema productions. Maybe This Time reunites Idol tandem Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin in their first cinema team up.
Sarah G., Coco, Ruffa and director Jerry

Maybe This Time is a story of two friends with romantic attachment in their hometown that never expected to reunite under different circumstances when Coco Martin's character is the boyfriend of boss played by Ruffa Gutierrez where Sarah Geronimo's character works for. Let me highlight the Q&A relevant to the movie.

Coco's like a director. He helps by coaching you behind the scenes, says Sarah. Sarah adds she has difficulty adjusting because her usual projects are romantic comedy and Coco's into drama genre. But Ruffa Gutierrez thinks that Coco and Sarah has a good working rapport. Coco believes that Sarah G. leveled up since they last worked together.

Ruffa's thoughts on Coco and Sarah: Coco easily gets into character once the camera starts recording and you will see a different Sarah in this movie. Watch out for my exclusive blog coverage. If you have questions about the movie, feel free to comment. All questions should be relevant. No gossip questions. Like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook for more movie launch coverage. Maybe This Time opens May 28 in cinemas.

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